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Volume 15, Issue 11  | February 7, 2023Subscribe

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Laguna Historical Society to hold program on Laguna Beach free community clinics

The Laguna Beach Historical Society will hold their next historic program, “The History of The Laguna Beach Free and Community Clinics” on Tuesday, Dec. 6 from 7-8:30 p.m. in the Susi Q Community Center’s Great Room.

Laguna Historical Society Jorgensen

Submitted photo

Dr. Korey Jorgensen is the featured presenter

Dr. Korey Jorgensen, one of the first members to join the free clinic, will present the history of its earliest days as a doctor supporting the clinic. Dr. Jorgensen later became medical director.

Laguna Historical Society volunteers

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Photo by Douglas Miller

Early Laguna Beach Free Clinic staff of volunteers, Ocean Avenue

The Laguna Beach Free Clinic was organized by a group of individuals who identified a need and found a way to serve the health services in the community. The group believed that individuals should have access to health care regardless of the ability to pay. In the late 1960s, their idea became a reality and the Laguna Beach Free Clinic was born. The clinic quickly grew in both staff and patient interest.

During the 1970s, the free clinic moved their locations and grew within the Downtown area and became well known in the community. Military doctors were recruited, as the El Toro base was near town. Services expanded and outside labs were often used when those facilities were not available. Through fund raising and hours of service by volunteers the group continued to meet the needs of many residents.

Laguna Historical Society lady at desk

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Photo by Douglas Miller

(L-R) MaryAnne Yeager, Keys Keel, Marley Martin and Ricky Methout, October 1977

Laguna Historical Society waiting room

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Photo by Douglas Miller

Waiting Room at The Free Clinic, 1970s

Come listen and learn much more about how the clinic served the needs of the community, and how as a non-profit organization they have remained strong nearly 52 years later.

Susi Q Community Center is located at 380 Third St., Laguna Beach.


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