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 Volume 14, Issue 62  |  August 5, 2022

Platters get splattered at Festival of Arts

Wet glaze was everywhere at the Platter Painting Party presented last week at Festival of Arts. Fifteen exhibitors glazed personal designs on ceramic platters and tiles as patrons looked on in awe. The originals are currently being fired and will be auctioned to the public on Sunday Aug. 28 from 6-8 p.m. alongside the Art-To-Go auction on the Festival grounds.

Platters get Greg Rayes and Mike Tauber

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Photos courtesy of The Artists Fund 

(L-R) Greg Rayes and Mike Tauber

The two-part program is presented by The Artists Fund and led by coordinator Mike Tauber. “The artists really knocked it out of the ballpark,” said Bryan Vansell, owner of Laguna Clay Company, who provided the bisque platters, glazes and kiln firings. “We loved using Laguna’s Silky Underglaze product line, since the liquid glaze color reads quite similar to how it will look after firing,” said Tauber. “This was very helpful to our artists, many of whom are painters with little ceramic experience.”

Platters get Yuri Kuznetsov

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Yuri Kuznetsov

Platters get Lyn Hiner

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Lyn Hiner

Platters get Carole Boller

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Carole Boller

Many artists created works that are similar to that in their booths. Examples include stylized cats by Yuri Kuznetsov; a Porsche race car, complete with dripping paint, by Lyn Hiner and vibrant koi fish by Anthony Salvo. Carole Boller created a dramatic flower that filled the entire 17-inch bowl shape. “I can’t believe how much fun this was, I’m so glad I was invited!” said Boller, the ceramic first-timer. 

Platters get Liz McGhee

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Elizabeth McGhee

Platters get Boris Badenov and Natasha by Bruce Burr

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Boris Badenov and Natasha platter by Bruce Burr

Platters get Mary Aslin

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Mary Aslin

Elizabeth McGhee used wit and whimsy by painting spaghetti into her bowl, adding a cactus and cowboy boots, and titling it Spaghetti Western. “It was the best I could dish up at short notice,” McGhee joked.

Satirist painter Bruce Burr brought dry humor in his rendering of 1960s animated spies Boris Badenov and Natasha. Other artists included Mary Aslin, Kate Cohen, Toni Danchik, Mark Jacobucci, Susan Jarecky, Maaria Kader, Brandon Medrano and jeweler Karin Worden. Support team volunteers included Michele McCormick and Greg Rayes.

Platters get Mark Jacobucci

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Mark Jacobucci

Platters get Susan Jarecky

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Susan Jarecky

Platters get Anthony Salvo

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Anthony Salvo

Platters get Pegah Samaie

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Pegah Samaie

Platters will be unveiled at the onset of the auction, but everyone who subscribes to The Artists Fund’s eNewsletter will get to see sneak preview photos several days before. Subscribe at the Contact Us page at Proceeds from Platter sales support the Enrichment Grant Fund for artists. Call 949.612.1949 for more information.

Festival of Arts and Pageant of the Masters are located at 650 Laguna Canyon Road, Laguna Beach.


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