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 Volume 13, Issue 5  |  January 15, 2021

LCAD MFA students respond to pandemic through exhibition at City Hall

Laguna College of Art + Design (LCAD) MFA Programs in Drawing + Painting has announced its newest exhibition, COVID Times: LCAD Masters Students Respond to the Pandemic, on display from January 18 through March 4 at Laguna Beach City Hall.

The collection is curated by Peter Zokosky, chair of LCAD MFA Program in Drawing + Painting, from among 20 current Master of Fine Arts candidates.

“While we all experienced the recent pandemic, it’s intriguing to see how artists process times of upheaval; some record how their daily life has changed, some seek refuge in nature or fantasy, while others quarantined with art supplies and found solace in long hours of creative practice,” he said. “Our first exhibition of 2021 is a chance to share the varied personal impressions as a record of resilience and hope.”

LCAD MFA Birthday Girl

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Submitted photo

Matt Duckett, “Birthday Girl,” oil on canvas, 2020

One of the works included in the exhibition, Birthday Girl by Matt Duckett, shows the artist’s daughter after her birthday during quarantine.

“On one hand, we couldn’t invite any children to the party and couldn’t go anywhere, so on the surface it may look dark or melancholy,” he said. “But I wanted to go further with that notion, because the painting is also an allegory for growing up, and that can be in itself uncomfortable and melancholy at times. Acknowledging hardship and deferring gratification is just a part of responsibility and growing up is a process of accepting responsibility and building a greater life around those lessons.”

The exhibition will include many works of paintings and drawings submitted by the following MFA candidates: Jason Dowd, Ray Vargas, Agostino Vaccaro, Lin Hui Ding, Jessica Chong, Mark Silverberg, Kelly Smith Fatten, Jody Gerber, Brian Blasman, Matt Duckett, Laura Sonnek, Nora Xu, Renae Wang, Jill Maytorena, Danny DeMeza, Mike Lee, Peter Clarke, Kelley Mogilka, Mason Williams, and Tracy Child.

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Laguna Beach City Hall is located at 505 Forest Ave.


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