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Laguna Beach

 Volume 14, Issue 95  |  November 29, 2022

Local family continues 20-year tradition with Secret Santa, community donations welcomed

For 20 years, the Macmillan family and friends have been playing Secret Santas during the holidays. Celine Macmillan says, “For the last 11 years, the Laguna Beach community has involved Laguna Beach Unified School District in selecting the students (it’s completely confidential) as well as our friends. This year, with the need being so big, I decided to do ten families and include the community for donations. There are also families from out of state who are donating. In previous years my friends and I usually donate over $1,000 per family.”

There will be two families from each school (El Morro Elementary School, Top of the World Elementary School, Thurston Middle School, and Laguna Beach High School) that will be selected by the school principals. The other two will be Laguna families that Macmillan knows are in need and have students at LBUSD. Those who donate will be sent updated emails, the amount given, and pictures of all 10 gift wrapped Secret Santa gifts.

Macmillian says, “Please donate any amount of money that will be distributed equally to all 10 families who have children in any of our four LBUSD schools. Or if you prefer, please drop off or mail any gift cards to grocery stores, Visa gift cards, shops, restaurants, or any other gift cards you would like to donate. Please mail or drop off the gift cards to our home address to be included in the Secret Santa gifts.”

Local family Santa

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Photo by Mary Hurlbut

Be a “Secret Santa” 

Macmillan’s home address is 499 Canyon Acres Dr, Laguna Beach. Her cell phone number is (949) 466-7425.

If donors do not wish for their names to be included in the Secret Santa gift, they may write “Anonymous” in the checkout. 

“I would like to thank Zinc Café for donating ten $25 gift cards and Catch Surf for giving us 50 percent off any of their boards for one student who only wanted a Catch Surf board for Christmas,” says Macmillan. “I would also like to give a huge thank you to all the families who have donated so far.”

Donors so far include Anonymous D, Betsy Denham, Kathleen Levan, Dina Waters, Shanti Schiller, Ellen Hurley, Lisa Britt, A Drexelius, Kevin and Jocelyne Naughton, Margarita Kruse, Secret Santa, Patricia Sweeney, Jaclyn Lessard, Chris Cureton, Parisa Balliet, Alison Alexander, Keely Chism, Jennifer Murray, Jennifer Samson, Staci Bina, Steve Fayne, Melissa Vermilya, Nadene Wisely, Amy Kramer, Kathleen Streris, Jaime Saunders, Kathy Rose, Joyce Oosthuizen, BR Kellog, Roop Family, Joanne Donovan, Malena Steris-Lyles, Joe Baker, Kara Taylor, Christy Koster, Laura Storke, Anne Caen, Shannon Chastain, Laurel Macmillan, and Theresa Macmillan. 

To donate to the Secret Santa effort, click here.


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