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 Volume 12, Issue 95  |  November 27, 2020

KX Takeover: Local leaders “take over” KX FM airwaves for annual fund drive

KX FM, Laguna’s only radio station, is welcoming local leaders and legends on its airwaves now through November 24. Guest hosts will DJ their own hour live on the air, with their own handpicked music and content, to raise money for our beloved community radio station.

“KX Takeover is such a special fundraiser for us because it shows us every year that our station thrives when our community bands together to support it,” said KX FM Founder Tyler Russell McCusker. “This year, of course, has been especially hard on local radio like it has on all nonprofits. It means so much to us that Lagunans show up for us during this challenging time to validate the worth of community radio in Laguna Beach.” 

KX Takeover Bob and Kirsten Whalen

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Mayor Bob Whalen and Festival of Arts artist Kirsten Whalen are participating in this year’s KX Takeover

KX FM is a throwback to classic days of radio, when DJs actually picked their own music and listeners expected a human connection and community involvement from their local station. To honor that, KX Takeover guest DJs will craft their own playlist and hour of storytelling, as they talk about how music and radio has impacted their lives. 

KX Takeover is a friendly-but-stiff competition where the guest DJ that raises the most money receives the coveted “Silver Tongue Award.” Past winners include Larry Nokes, Rick Riess, Bobbi Cox, Clay Berryhill, Awakening Code Radio, Cookie Lee, and Lt. Jim Cota of LBPD and Stu News’ Shaena Stabler.

Some of this year’s participants include Mayor Bob Whalen and Festival of Arts artist Kirsten Whalen, City Council Members Sue Kempf and Peter Blake, IMAX filmmakers Greg and Meghan MacGillivray, Firebrand Publisher Scott Sanchez, Chamber of Commerce President Paula Hornbuckle-Arnold, attorney Larry Nokes, Planning Commissioner Jorg Dubin, and more. 

KX Takeover Bob and Kirsten Whalen

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Local leader and radio personality Ernest Hackmon seeks donations for our local radio station during KX Takeover

Pledges can range from $20 to $20,000, and 100 percent of the proceeds generated during the fundraiser will assist the general operating budget of the station. By pledging $65 or more, listeners can become members of the radio station to receive annual benefits to ensure KX FM’s sustainability. When you make a donation online, you’ll be able to select which guest host you want it to count toward. 

If you value Laguna’s own radio station, as an alternative to corporate media, a source of independent views and thoughtfully crafted music shows, as a resource to be cherished and cared for, as a microphone into the very soul of Laguna, then help keep the station live on the air by listening in and pledging during KX Takeover from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. now through November 24.

Find the full schedule of shows and make your donation at

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