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 Volume 12, Issue 85  |  October 23, 2020

Laguna Beach High School PTA seeks business and family sponsors for Un-Fundraiser 

Laguna Beach High School (LBHS) PTA is looking for business and family sponsors for their Un-Fundraiser. With the creative introduction of the Un-Fundraiser, LBHS parents and students don’t have to do anything. It’s a refreshing and easy approach to fundraising – just donate. 

Sponsorship starts as low as $50. 

As of yesterday, PTA Vice President Celine Macmillan reports, “We only need $9,055 more to reach our goal of $15,000. Total sponsor/parent donations so far are $5,945: In-kind donations – $1,850; Sponsors – $3,750; Parent donations – $2,195.”

The PTA says, “We are the poor PTA hoping to become the middle-class PTA!” 

Who isn’t tired of school fundraisers? Running around selling giftwrap, candy bars, oven mitts, or making kids run laps in a jog-a-thon is all so time consuming and energy draining for parents, who often end up buying all the gift wrap and candy bars while also sponsoring the jog-a-thon laps. What parents really want is to have more time and energy to spend with their kiddos, who are looking more and more like adults with each passing day. 

Rather than having to painstakingly sell tchotchkes, cookie dough, or a variety of other foodstuffs and trinkets, LBHS PTA is simplifying the fund in fundraiser by just asking for donations from anyone who would like to support LBHS.

For a good laugh, watch the Un-Fundraiser video by clicking here.

Alizabeth Arciniaga, president of The Stand Natural Foods (a Gold Sponsor), says, “I enjoyed my many volunteer hours dedicated to the PTA when my children were younger. While living in Los Angeles, I had also implemented an ‘anti-fundraiser; and proposed getting rid of all of the fundraisers at my children’s elementary school in 2003 after hearing so many complaints about so many fundraisers – i.e. selling candy, buying gift wrap, selling cookie dough, magazines, and you name it. 

“The parents all freaked out telling me you can’t get rid of fundraisers you’re crazy! But then I did the math. I calculated that if we could get at least 30 percent to 40 percent of the families to give a certain amount, it would cover all of our expenses and then some. Our main goal was participation, just give what you can; and it worked. We always raised more than enough and were able to fund many programs for the school. When I saw the un-fundraiser, it brought back all of my great volunteer memories with the PTA. I remembered the resistance that parents had at first to my ‘anti-fundraiser’ so when I saw Laguna Beach doing the same thing, I knew I had to support it. Long live the PTA and all the wonderful things that they do for students and teachers.”

Laguna Beach PTA

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LBHS PTA is simplifying the “fund” in fundraiser

What do donations support? 

--Student Grants to fund programs spearheaded by students to improve student life on campus 

--Teacher Grants to improve educational opportunities for students in the classroom 

--PSAT Testing Fees for all 10th graders 

--Student Financial Assistance for College Entrance and AP Exams and Sports Testing 

--College Roundup, Mock Admissions, and Career Center Events 

--Academic Clubs, Gold Cards, and Positive Behavior Support 

--New Student Orientation and Welcome Events

--Parent Education Presentations at LBHS & Coffee Talk 

--Senior Diploma Covers, Tassels, and Cords 

--LBHS PTA College Scholarship 

--Freshman Mentor Program - Link Crew 

--Teacher and Staff Appreciation

LBHS PTA would like to thank its Gold Sponsors: Chase – Crystal Cove, Compass, gorjana, Laguna Beach Veterinary Medical Group, Meital Taub Luxury Group, Mike Johnson Group, Charles E. McClung Jr., Pacific Marine Mammal Center, Rock Martin Custom Jewelry, Stu News Laguna, The Azadian Family Foundation, The Cheng Family, The Ranch, The Stand, and The Waters Family. 

LBHS PTA would also like to thank Silver Sponsor Sunless Love.

Jason Griffin Reidel, CEO of gorjana, says, “We felt like this year, more than any other year, the school’s PTA could use our support. We have such admiration for the tremendous challenges LBUSD has had to navigate this year, and we believe the true test of a partnership is to contribute when things are hard, not when they’re easy.”

Macmillan reports, “LBHS PTA also has eight $100 gorjana gift cards and a $750 value two-night stay at The Ranch gift certificate that we are using as opportunity drawings. We will use the $750 value two-night stay at The Ranch for an opportunity drawing for anyone that donated $200+. This drawing wouldn’t be held until shortly after our sponsor deadline on October 23. For the $100 gorjana gift certificates, we will do a weekly opportunity drawing for the next eight weeks for anyone that donated to our Un-Fundraiser.” 

“Especially in these difficult times, we ought to come together to support the LBHS PTA’s efforts to serve and advocate for our youth. PTA involvement continues to be invaluable to families and the community as a whole,” says Shaena Stabler, owner/publisher/editor of Stu News.

Laguna beach Ranch

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Courtesy of The Ranch

Opportunity drawing for two-night stay at The Ranch

Chief Executive Officer of Pacific Marine Mammal Center Peter Chang says, “Simply put, Laguna Beach and specifically Laguna Beach High School holds a special place in our heart over here at PMMC. Our co-founder, John Cunningham, was a longtime science teacher at the high school and the cultural legacy that he instilled within our organization has education at the forefront and that was largely shaped during his time teaching.”

The deadline for Corporate and Family Sponsors for banner printing is Friday, Oct 23. LBPS PTA is also seeking in-kind donations (e.g. gift cards) that will be used as opportunity drawings for donors.

To be a LBHS PTA Un-Fundraiser sponsor, use one of the following methods of payment: 

Online monetary Sponsorship Donations – click here. 

Regular Donors – click here.             

By check – payable to LBHS PTA with Un-Fundraiser Sponsorship in the memo.

Donations are tax-deductible – LBHS PTA Tax ID No. 95-620500

For in-kind donations, list “valued at” dollar amount, contact person, company name, email address, and phone and mail to: Laguna Beach High School PTA, 625 Park Ave, Laguna Beach, CA 92651.

For questions or to have a donation picked up, contact: Celine Macmillan, LBHS PTA Vice President at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call (949) 466-7425.

Contact Celine to let her know you became a sponsor, as she’ll need your logo.

For all the information regarding the Un-Fundraiser, click here.


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