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Laguna Beach firm challenges community with Wave of Change Facebook Campaign 


Last Wednesday, the staff of Moore’s Law for Children on Forest Ave got a nice surprise and so did many of our local stores. 

Founder and Director of Moore’s Law for Children Meldie M. Moore says, “I’ve been so sad seeing all the empty stores, and I was trying to figure out what to do. As a small business owner and resident of Laguna Beach, my heart aches for the empty streets and businesses. I want to give back.”

As a result, Moore came up with a unique way to highlight local stores and challenges others to participate in the Wave of Change Facebook Campaign.

“We have team bonding events, and this month it was going to be a virtual painting party, but I wanted to change gears for the team and give back to our local businesses. Many of our staff members are mothers and don’t think about spending money on themselves.” 

Laguna Beach group

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Staff of Moore’s Law for Children

“Yesterday, after going to the bank to withdraw ten $100 crisp bills, I sat at my desk and wrote ten handwritten notes. I told my team to come to work ready, with masks on and comfortable shoes, for a surprise. We met outside at 11:30 a.m., and I gave them each a $100 bill and a handwritten note. Then, I read them the note, the same message in each one. 

“This week is National Small Business week, so to support and promote local small businesses, I gave each employee $100 to spend today. And we will post photos of our purchases on our Facebook page to promote your business.

“While I know the amount is small, our wish for your continued success is great! We are in this together.” 

Laguna Beach Attu

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Spending the surprise money at Attu

The rules for Moore’s employees were: 

--Spend the $100 at a Laguna Beach small business 

--Spend it all on yourself 

--Give Moore’s note to the owner 

--Take a photo to promote the business on Facebook 

--The leftover change goes in the street meters for the homeless 

--Be back in an hour to show and tell

Moore says, “And an hour later they returned with smiles, packages, and photos and shared our purchases with each other over lunch from a local restaurant.” 

They were able to patronize 13 Laguna Beach businesses: Two Fifty Four, Gorjana, Stitch and Feather, Laguna Supply, Moulin, Bushard’s Pharmacy, Attu, Amenah, 2Bella, Heavenly Couture, Buy Hand, Laguna Handbags, and Rue de La Chocolat. 

Laguna Beach Stitch

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Shopping at Stitch and Feather 

Over the next week, they’ll be posting photos on their Facebook page of the team and local businesses.

 “I know $1,000 is an insignificant pebble to cast into an ocean, but hopefully enough to make a small ripple that will spread and grow. And join other ripples cast by other pebbles. Until we have created a wave of change. 

“I hope by sharing this story, I inspire you to be a part of this ripple effect. You can do this with your employees, or co-workers, your family, or a group of friends. Pick an amount. It does not have to be a lot. Shop locally. Post about it on social media. You deserve to do something nice for yourself. We all deserve something nice these days.”

Moore plans on doing a repeat with a little different approach. “I’d like to do this again. Anyone who retains my firm based on this Wave of Change Facebook Campaign, a percentage of the fees will be put towards another infusion of supporting and promoting local small businesses in Laguna Beach.”

Moore’s Law for Children specializes in special education, advocacy for the learning challenged, school discipline, adoption, assisted reproduction, and juvenile delinquency, as well as family law and estate planning.

Moore Law for Children is located at 361 Forest Ave.

For more information, go to or call (949) 336-7711.


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