Laguna Beach to vote on November 3


Laguna Beach will hold its General Municipal Election on November 3.

The election of two council members, the city treasurer, and a city clerk – to succeed retiring City Clerk Lisette Chel-Walker – to four year terms will be consolidated with the Statewide General Election.

As of Thursday, four local candidates had filed with the city clerk’s office their intention to run: attorney Larry Nokes for City Council, City Treasurer Laura Parisi for another term, and Protecting Unwanted Pets President and former city employee Ann Marie McKay and Mariann Tracy, executive assistant to City Manager John Pietig, for city clerk. 

The nominating period opens Monday and closes August 7, except for offices for which the incumbent is not running. Candidates for those offices have until August 12 to file the nomination papers.

Candidate statements may be submitted on forms provided by the city clerk in tandem with the nomination papers. The statements are limited to 200 words, not including name, age, and occupation of the candidates. Party affiliations, membership, or activity in partisan political organizations are prohibited in the statements. 

Candidates who opt to make statements must deposit $1,000 checks with the city. The checks are held until the night of the election, when it is determined if portions of the deposit will be returned.

Statements may be withdrawn until 5 p.m. of the next working day after the close of nominations, but not changed during the nominating period.

By law, the Orange County Board of Supervisors must be asked to consent to the consolidation of the local and statewide elections. The county will be reimbursed for any additional costs related to the Laguna Beach consolidated election, according to the resolution adopted by the city council.

The resolution asking for approval will be submitted no later than August, Chel-Walker said.