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 Volume 12, Issue 55  |  July 10, 2020

The Ranch at Laguna Beach champions sustainability while keeping guests and team safe

The Ranch at Laguna Beach announced this week a new co-branded partnership with Pathwater to provide recyclable, refillable personal water bottles to guests and restaurant patrons at the coastal canyon resort. 

The new partnership adds to ongoing sustainability measures at The Ranch at Laguna Beach, which continues to uphold a wide range of recycling and conservation practices while implementing new health and safety measures due to COVID-19.  

The Ranch at Laguna Beach reopened on May 15, 2020 as one of the first hotels in California to earn the Clean + Safe Certification from The California Hotel and Lodging Association. As the hospitality industry shifts to single-use amenities, added plastic, and disposable individual packaging, The Ranch at Laguna Beach is harnessing new ways to uphold sustainability while keeping the resort clean and safe for guests and staff.

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The Ranch at Laguna Beach announces new sustainability measures 

The latest step in this mission is The Ranch at Laguna Beach’s new partnership with Pathwater. Now, guests at The Ranch at Laguna Beach will find their rooms furnished with brand-new Pathwater bottles made from recyclable aluminum and containing pure reverse-osmosis filtered water. 

The co-branded bottle itself is infinitely recyclable, refillable, eco-friendly, and made in the U.S. The new Pathwater bottles will also be available for purchase at Ben’s Pantry adjacent to The Ranch at Laguna Beach’s golf course, as well as the resort’s oceanfront restaurant, Lost Pier Café.

“As the hospitality industry makes necessary shifts to disposable materials for guest amenities and food service, we at The Ranch at Laguna Beach are finding creative ways to stay true to our sustainable philosophy while keeping guests safe,” said Kurt Bjorkman, General Manager of The Ranch at Laguna Beach. “Our new partnership with Pathwater supports a fellow small business, helps curb unnecessary single-use plastic at the property, and provides guests with an infinitely-recyclable souvenir to take home as a reminder of our ongoing commitment to the planet.” 

The new lightweight aluminum Pathwater bottles are 100 percent recyclable and made from one of the most recyclable materials in the world. Recycled at twice the rate of plastic, aluminum also boasts a smaller carbon footprint for its recycling process compared to liquid packaging alternatives like plastic or glass. The material is infinitely recyclable, while plastic is often downcycled and results in more waste.

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The Ranch’s new water bottle is recyclable, refillable, and eco-friendly 

The new co-branded Pathwater partnership is the latest in a wide range of sustainable initiatives at The Ranch at Laguna Beach, including:

Water Reclamation: The Ranch at Laguna Beach saves an estimated 21.2 million gallons of water annually by using reclaimed water for irrigation on the resort grounds and its Geo-Certified Ben Brown’s golf course. 

Bamboo Room Keys: The Ranch at Laguna Beach helps keep 25,000 plastic key cards out of landfills by swapping plastic room keys with biodegradable wooden and bamboo keys. These keys can either be returned to the Front Desk upon check-out for full sanitization or kept as a souvenir. If keys do make their way into the trash, they will degrade back into the soil over time.

Adopt a Channel: Volunteers from The Ranch at Laguna Beach currently maintain a 0.75-mile stretch of the Aliso Creek Channel in Mission Viejo. Since December 2015, the resort team has removed more than 2,500 pounds of trash and debris from the channel – mainly bottles, cans, plastic wrappers, paper – effectively preventing this harmful material from clogging the channel or making its way to the Pacific Ocean.

Bottles to Bunkers: The Ranch at Laguna Beach recycled five tons of glass in 2019 through its Bottles to Bunkers program. The Ranch at Laguna Beach is the first hospitality entity in North America to operate a GLSand glass-bottle crusher, which crushes and sifts glass bottles into fine sand for the resort’s golf course bunkers. This program reduces glass waste at the resort by 90 percent while keeping bunkers filled.

OC Birds of Prey: Every Saturday, The Ranch at Laguna Beach hosts an interactive and educational encounter with the Orange County Bird of Prey Center, a volunteer organization dedicated to treating and rehabilitating injured raptors and returning them to the wild. Guests can see these majestic birds up close and learn how to protect their natural habitat.

To learn more about sustainability practices at The Ranch at Laguna Beach, visit

For information about the property’s cleanliness, sanitization, distancin and safety protocols to combat COVID-19, visit or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

To make a reservation, visit www.theranchlb.comor call (949) 499-2271.


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