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 Volume 12, Issue 64  |  August 11, 2020

Police Employees’ Association urges city to close beaches and adjacent parks


Laguna’s Police Department employees on Sunday urged city officials to take all proactive measures to protect residents and first responders from the highly contagious COVID-19. 

The request from the employees’ association came in response to the rapidly evolving crisis they believe calls for enhanced and more intensive enforcement efforts to encourage the public to heed Governor Newsom’s “Safer At Home” order. Main Beach and Heisler Park were crowded over the weekend and social distances were not maintained, sometimes irate local observers said.

“I’m not sure that our position influenced the council’s decision,” association President Brian Griep emailed Stu News on Monday. “However, we support their decision to temporarily close our beaches and parks wholeheartedly, and we’re proud that Laguna Beach is leading the way in public safety.” 

Police Employees' Heisler

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Photo by Mary Hurlbut

Heisler Park closure as of Monday

Action needed to be taken immediately, according to the association, to top the spread of the virus to Laguna’s residents and to the city’s police, fire, marine safety, and public works department. 

Association officers stated they understand the considerable sacrifice being asked, but they believe the community will be broadly supportive of the measures being recommended. 

“The PEA has received overwhelming support from our community on this very controversial topic,” Griep stated in his email. “Of course, nobody wanted to shut down our beaches and parks, but unfortunately, it was necessary and essential due to the lack of compliance from visitors and the continuing spread of the COVID-19 virus.”

City officials, who met later Sunday afternoon, ordered the shutdown of city beaches and adjacent parks as of 5 p.m., Monday, by the city if the county or the state did not beat them to the punch.


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