The Yoga Line introduces new casual apparel at Grand Opening on Thursday

Co-owners of The Yoga Line Shereen Loth and Shannon Saathoff are introducing their new line of yoga-type clothing at a grand opening event and ribbon cutting ceremony on Thursday, Jan 16 at their store at 1853 S Coast Hwy. The Yoga Line is affordable luxurious casual apparel 100 percent made in Laguna for the comfy beach lifestyle.

During the event, Loth and Saathoff will be offering a 20 percent discount throughout the entire store. Hor d’oeuvres and beverages will be served.

Both Loth and Saathoff concur, “Offering an affordable line of yoga and casual clothing created and manufactured here in Laguna Beach is an exciting opportunity for us. Knowing that we can help our community look great and feel great, while providing jobs and a space where our customers can feel confident in the quality and sourcing of the products, is a goal we’ve worked hard to achieve and are proud to have done so!” 

The Yoga address

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The Yoga Line, 1853 S Coast Hwy

Loth has been a resident and business owner in Laguna since 2006. She is the longtime owner of Delicate Illusions and has vast experience in the clothing business.

Loth says, “We opened our doors in September in order to start getting a ‘pulse’ on what people are thinking. They love the feel of the fabric, it is so soft. That is the hard part of selling online. You can’t feel it. It is truly irresistible once you touch the fabric and imagine spending your day in this soft feeling. We have had multiple local women come back to buy more of what they had previously purchased because it is so comfortable, and when they walk in, they just happen to be wearing it. It is so satisfying to see this.”

The Yoga both

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Co-owners Shannon Saathoff (on left) and Shereen Loth

Their concept was to produce the most comfortable yoga-type clothing in the marketplace at affordable pricing. Loth says, “Our clothing is for every woman, whether she is a yoga enthusiast or not, but the fabric choices are selected with these key elements in mind: soft, flexi, durable, easy-care, simple styling, layering, flattering. The clothing is for the busy mom who puts it on in the morning, gets her kids to school, maybe attends a yoga class, walks, aerial, lifts weights, hits the grocery store, runs errands, domestic chores or runs a business from home, gets kids to soccer after school, plans and executes dinner, homework, puts the kids to bed, then realizes she is still wearing the same comfy leggings and T-shirt top that she put on first thing in the morning.”

The Yoga inside

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Comfortable yoga-type clothing 

Loth and Saathoff started developing the pieces in April, and since then, says Loth, “Shannon and I both, who are extremely active entrepreneurs, find this to be true for ourselves, we love the comfort of these clothes. We have only created two ‘collections’ so far and have many designs to still develop. All of them are available online:”

Loth says, “I love this small community and the village of support it brings.  I have never experienced this type of outpouring of willingness to help one another achieve their dreams. From helping with carpools, donations, charity functions, and shopping local, the people who live here genuinely care to help one another. I love this, and I love the feeling when I dress someone and they respond with such joy of how good they feel. It really does take a village, and we have that in Laguna Beach.”

They are currently developing a men’s collection. Loth says, “Men enjoy being comfortable as well, and are often left out when it comes to feeling pampered with apparel.”

The Yoga Line is located at 1853 S Coast Hwy. For more information, call (949) 933-9425.