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Peaceful awareness rally against dog meat trade planned for Sunday at Main Beach


If you love dogs, come join other animal lovers at Main Beach on Sunday from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. to raise awareness to end the dog meat trade. This is a “non-graphic” event, so anyone can participate. The event is hosted by They Need Our Voice – Save Dogs, an organization founded by animal activist, author, and OC native Shelly Gaulthier-Fitzpatrick. Banners and signs will be provided, and free T-shirts and medals given to participants.

As more people become aware of what is happening to dogs in South Korea, China, and other countries, the sooner we can help to end it. Gaulthier-Fitzpatrick has used her voice to spread awareness for the horrific Asian trend of torturing cats and dogs for human consumption. 

Peacefull awareness medal

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Medals will be given to participants on Sunday

While being sensitive to children and sensitive individuals, she has taken a new approach: not to show the often ghastly and gruesome photos of the victims. 

While Asia is the most notorious for the torture of dogs and cats for “beliefs it will make them rich,” or keep them cool in the summer, and the list goes on of falsities – there are also 44 states in the U.S. that allow the slaughter of dogs and cats. Yes, surprisingly, right here in our own country. 

Gaulthier-Fitzpatrick says, “I started out with the desire to help animals many years ago. It is a passion that has been in my heart and a calling for me. My work first began volunteering for a local animal shelter to get my feet wet and become knowledgeable on how to help dogs and cats. Then I started researching how to become a volunteer for animal rescue organizations. 

Peaceful awareness Shelly

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Shelly with one of her furry friends 

It hit her hard as she learned about the Dog Meat Trade in China, South Korea, Vietnam, and Cambodia. She wanted to find out how she could help to stop it, so she volunteered with a group called at their San Francisco rally, where they collected over 825 signatures on petitions and raised awareness with so many people, and from there it took off. She became an animal rights activist and has since visited Asia several times to participate in awareness protests.

So on Sunday, come talk to people about this issue as they walk by or simply hold the signs and banners, as people slowly drive past. This will be a fulfilling day to speak up for the dogs – and cats too – and give them a much-needed voice.

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