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Anders Lasater Architects recognized for exceptional design by architectural community

Anders Lasater Architects (ALA) has been recognized by the American Institute of Architects, Orange County Chapter (AIAOC) for two outstanding residential properties. 

The AIAOC hosts an annual design awards to celebrate local architects, and distinctions are carefully vetted and given to firms that demonstrate how its projects follow a framework of great design. 

The ten principles of evaluation include integration, community, ecology, water, economy, energy, wellness, resources, change, and discovery. And certainly, each of these tenants are part of ALA’s service and experiential package.

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Anders Lasater 

ALA believes that great architecture makes for better living. That is why the firm strives to give its clients opportunities to live their life in an evolved way, to elevate their senses, and bring them a newfound appreciation for the built environment.

“Architecture is meant for us, as humans, to occupy and experience – and it needs to be designed and tempered considering the human dynamic,” says Lasater.

In addition, Lasater is well known for basing his designs on what he believes are the four main pillars of good design – space, proportion, light, and material. The order of these is important because Lasater feels that all good architecture must start with space, which is tempered by proportion, revealed by light, and finally given presence through material.

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ALA specializes in custom homes

ALA was given two awards at this year’s AIAOC virtual awards gala – an Honor Award (top achievement) for its property “Monarch House” as well as a merit award for “Cocktail Party.”

Both were recognized by three accomplished jurors: Eric Naslund, Christian Rice, and Paulett Taggert. All three are principals from their own award-winning architectural firms, so to be honored by jurors with these accomplishments is a significant achievement.

The jurors’ comments about the Monarch House property were particularly inspiring. They complimented the decision to open one side to views and protect the other side – which created intriguing and interesting moments. They also appreciated the sure-handedness that works up and down the scale spectrum.

Lasater was also named one of three AIAOC “People’s Choice” awards for the firm’s property called “Beachitos Pre-Fab,” that sits alongside Pacific Coast Highway in Laguna Beach.

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ALA’s “Monarch House” design

ALA is proud to receive these three enormous accolades from its peers and looks forward to the next chapter in creating spaces that continue to impact our communities in very important ways.

Founded in 2005, Anders Lasater Architects (ALA) is an award-winning architectural studio, located in Laguna Beach, that specializes in custom homes, galleries, salons, restaurants, fashion, and other boutique retail and commercial projects. The firm strives to provide its clients with opportunities to live their life in a better way, to elevate their senses, and bring them a newfound appreciation for the built environment. ALA is staffed by a dedicated team of passionate design professionals with a unique focus on, and mastery of the fundamental assets, of great architecture: space, proportion, light, and material. 

For more information about ALA, visit or contact Kathy Seaton Schmidt at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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