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Police Files

Grenade found in local’s wall, Bomb Squad removes it

On Saturday, Feb 16, at 5:43 p.m., at the 1600 block of Thurston Drive, LBPD received a report of a found hand grenade on a fire block with the release lever missing. 

According to LBPD Spokesperson PIO Sgt Jim Cota, “The residents had recently moved into the home and found an old hand grenade in a garage wall while making renovations.”

Police Files Grenade found

Courtesy of LBPD

Hand grenade found in garage wall while making renovations

 “Two members of the OCSD Bomb Squad responded. An X-ray of the grenade showed that it contained no filler, but they collected it in case it contained any residual powder. The device is believed to be a World War I era British hand grenade,” Sgt Cota said.

Husband struck crossing S Coast Hwy still in grave condition 

Last Wednesday, Feb 13, LBPD officers responded to a vehicle versus pedestrian collision on South Coast Hwy at Mountain Road. A husband and wife were crossing S Coast Hwy from the inland side to the ocean side. They had crossed the northbound lanes and the number one southbound lane, where a vehicle stopped. 

As the male crossed into the number two southbound lane, he was struck by a southbound vehicle who had failed to stop.

“The injured male is 79 years old and still in grave condition. He is from Indio, California and was here on his anniversary,” Sgt Cota said. “The injuries to the male were severe and he was transported to Mission Hospital, Mission Viejo. Alcohol was not a factor. The traffic investigation is ongoing.”

Locals report encountering mountain lion while hiking

According to Nextdoor, a hiker who lives in Bluebird Canyon recently encountered a mountain lion while hiking to Laurel Canyon Waterfall in Laguna Beach. Right before he and fellow hikers found the falls they had a brief standoff with the large wildcat, he reports.

“From about 20 yards, the large cat turned to us to decide what to do while we stood frozen. We barely had enough time to just broaden our shoulders, in an attempt to seem larger, and he turned on the trail and trotted away. We continued with caution yelling calls and tossing rocks into the bush. 

We brandished club size sticks whacking at bushes along the trail. There were no signs of tracks and no more sightings. Anyone planning to hike there should be aware that a big cat roams that territory. We would not have been carelessly walking the trail so quietly if we had known the danger that could be around the next corner. 

Remember to always have a plan in the wild and continue to make noise so predators make themselves scarce well before you unexpectedly come upon them. Good luck, stay safe.”

Several locals on Nextdoor responded to the post saying they also had mountain lion sightings in Laguna Beach over the years.

Bus gets stuck on Agate Street, needs to be pulled out

Police Files Bus Stuck

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Photo by Keith Greer

On Sunday, Feb 17, around 9 a.m., a bus reportedly tried to go up Agate Street next to Mozambique and got stuck. The bus had to be jacked up and pulled out via a semi-trailer wrecker. It took at least an hour.

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