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Let’s ignore them

There has been much worry and angst about the rally this Sunday at Main Beach to “support victims of crimes by illegals and refugees.” 

Apparently this group has been here three times before - who knew? We didn’t even realize we were ignoring them, but we did! They exercised their right to peacefully assemble and express their point of view, skewed though it may be.  

Let’s ignore them once again and deny them the attention and the fight they crave and are coming to our town to find. 

Those of like mind: we don’t need to engage. Enjoy your Sunday with family and friends. Dedicate yourselves to finding a unifying, helpful, ongoing volunteer project that lifts up other people. We’ll all get together to take a stand against racism, hatred, and injustice - but on an alternative date. 

Barbara McMurray

Laguna Beach

What does Rep. Rohrabacher think?

With this weekend’s neo-Nazi demonstrations planned for Laguna and Huntington Beach -- a torch-lit vigil at Main Beach and a book-burning rally in Surf City -- I wonder what my elected member of Congress, Dana Rohrabacher, thinks about all of this?  

I am asking because he has remained silent compared to what numerous Republican leaders have said in the aftermath of Charlottesville.  This list includes among others:  former Presidents George H.W. and George W. Bush; Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky; House Speaker Paul Ryan of Wisconsin; Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina; and, Rep. Ed Royce of Orange County. They all have denounced racism in America and those who promote it like the KKK and other white supremacist hate organizations.  

If Mr. Rohrabacher thinks silence is the best antidote for what is about to happen in his congressional district, then he isn’t paying attention.  That, or he simply doesn’t care.

Denny Freidenrich

Laguna Beach

Hate is not welcome here

The violence of this past week has shaken our nation to its core.

This weekend, we witnessed in horror the despicable acts of hatred and domestic terrorism in Charlottesville, where Klan members, neo-Nazis, white supremacists, and the Alt-Right gathered – not in peace but in violence. Pure and simple, they attacked America and America’s values.

A young woman, Heather Heyer, was murdered by a homegrown terrorist as she stood up for tolerance, justice and decency. As we watch what is happening in our country, a lot of us are scared. But Heather Heyer refused to give into fear and she refused to be intimidated by this small group of white supremacists who have been emboldened by Trump’s election.

On Monday, I learned that an Alt-Right rally is being planned for this weekend in Laguna Beach. Over the last several days, I have spent many hours with friends, activists and community leaders. We are united in our sorrow. We are united in our outrage. We are united in our resolve to stand up for our town, our country and our fellow Americans.  

On Saturday, August 19 from 10am-12pm, a Unity Rally will be held on Main Beach. Progressive groups from across the 48th District are coming together to plan and to support this event: Indivisible OC-48, Together We Will, Planned Parenthood, WAVE, the Laguna Beach Democratic Club and many more. To demonstrate diversity and unity, ribbons of every color will be tied around trees and light posts in Main Beach and downtown.  

The message for the Unity Rally in Laguna Beach is simple: Hate is Not Welcome Here. Not in our town. And not in our country. 

Beyond what is happening here in my hometown, I am also calling for the immediate dismissal of Steve Bannon and Sebastian Gorka. American taxpayers should not be paying the salaries of hatemongers. Period. 

The current President has failed the most basic test of leadership and humanity.

And the Republican-led Congress is failing our people, who deserve an America in which all are treated fairly – by one another and by our government. Weak rebukes by fearful politicians, tolerating the intolerable, are just not good enough. 

Make no mistake, Donald Trump has given a green light for those with hate in their hearts to step forward. But this is not about Republicans and Democrats; this is not about right and left. This is about right and wrong. And now, more than ever, we have to stand shoulder to shoulder, locked arm in arm to fight bigotry and hatred. 

As the venerable Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. once said, “The time is always right to do what is right.”

Harley Rouda

Laguna Beach


Shouldn’t there be an emergency call number?

The back of the “water wise” sign is visible between the two red traffic lights in the lower photo.

So much for saving water.

Steven Pope

Laguna Beach

What traffic problem?

Now that members of the City Council have decided that we have a major traffic congestion problem, something needs to be done. They have ordered the city manager to come up with answer to the problem. If it wasn’t so pathetic, the council’s demand would be laughable. For these are long time elected officials whose lack of vision and long-standing failures to act has exacerbated the situation. Traffic throughout the city has worsened every year for at least the last decade. Yet the council has ignored the problem and their lack of vision has transformed this small quiet city to a regional party mecca. 

With every new bar, roof top lounge and nightclub they approved, the council has transformed this city and devastated our artist community. Their vision has failed to plan for traffic and parking for the new daily visitors who come to party and enjoy the beauty of our small town. 

Laguna Beach residents through their property taxes fund over 90% of the city’s budget. The city staff and council members can’t stop congratulating each other on Laguna’s strong financial condition. 

Day tourists flock to our beautiful city but they are not enriching it. They are only costing the local taxpayers money. They use our police, fire and maintenance services. Day tourist aren’t leaving cash, they only leave us their trash.

Traffic is at a standstill. The council‘s vision must be that when traffic doesn’t move, it makes it easier for the tourist to jaywalk across PCH without getting hit.

While the city council struggles to decide whether CVS can take over the Laguna Drugs location, you must wonder what the vision for our city is? Is it another big bar? Nightclub? Roof top restaurant in that space?

Laguna Beach was when I moved here 20+ years ago a quiet, clean, beautiful small town with a good school system. I never planned to witness the systematic erosion of our quality of life. 

It is time the residents who pick up the tab decide the future course of our city. The business owners in our town other than the major hotels are insignificant to the funding of our city budget.  Less day tourists in our city will not affect our city budget. But it will lessen the traffic and eliminate city service costs. The quality of life for our residents should dictate the actions of the city council.

I am unsure what the city manager’s conclusion to the traffic crisis will be. I do know that a clear vision and plan to increase the quality of life for our residents will do much to elevate the traffic problem. If the city councils over the years would have taken a residents first approach we would still be able to get across town in 10 minutes.

Jeffrey J. Kaplan

Laguna Beach


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