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Some thoughts about the “trolley crisis”

I gather that due to under-funded pension liabilities, citizens will need to put up with reduced services including the subsidized trolleys. Perhaps street sweeping, garbage collection, park maintenance etc. I hope we’re not talking about EMT, Fire or Police coverage!

The notoriously corrupt and dissembling CalPers pension fund idiotically promises 7% return, and our city idiotically sends in dollars! A dangerous place for our retirees’ lifeblood. I suggest someone at City Hall look up the definition of “fiduciary”. What’s that line about ‘a fool and his money’?

And if we are in a crisis, it may be time to utilize the 10’s perhaps 100’s of millions of previously collected and invested tax dollars the City has squirelled away. I’d like an honest audit of those funds by an outside firm. I’m not happy being told not to look at that man behind the green curtain. A full and completely audited Balance Sheet, not a Cash Flow statement.

Back to the trolleys.

Those silly little trolleys are and have been a Godsend and a visible asset for the citizens and visitors to our city. Forcing us to dial up Uber or Lyft when we’re stranded due to a cutback is going to piss off some already ticked-offover-taxed, over-Design Reviewed, over-DUI checkpointed, over-sewaged at the beach voters and taxpayers.

Perhaps some efficiencies can be found, like returning to the routes and schedules we had before! Everything’s changed now, and no one’s explained it. And what would happen if we added Sunday service and added evening service so that locals can go to dinner and a show or a gallery, perhaps sip some wine, and ride home safely after the last bus now shuts down at 6 pm. I realize DUI’s are big business in this town, but safety and common sense with available trolley service down to the Village at night and on Sundays (for Christ’s sake) might be a better idea. Not to mention the parking problem thus alleviated.

Just Sayin’

Matt Smith

Laguna Beach


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