Where’s Maggi - Answers

Seen the sights? Yes!

Oh, yeah, our readers were on it this week. Maggi got several correct answers first thing on Tuesday. 

These are the sights and scenes- and the “where’s” from Tuesday’s photo challenge.

Thanks for having fun. Tune in again next week, and beat Maggi at her own game.

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Mural on the wall on the beach, Thalia St. beach 


Left – Flower mural, next to Spigot Liquors, S. Coast Hwy.

Center – “Z” on building over Taco Loco, S. Coast Hwy.

Right – Seahorse gate, on Calliope St.

Thanks for playing!

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Dennis’ Tidbits



January 23, 2015

It looks like near-record high temps this weekend

Sunset today in Laguna has moved up to 5:13 p.m. and sunrise is now at 6:53 a.m. so the days are getting longer by about two minutes a day as the earth begins to tilt further to the south and the sun gets a little higher in the sky each day. 

Speaking of sunsets, Thursday’s was a dazzler; a cavalcade of color made even more spectacular by a mirror smooth ocean surface that reflected the orange, pink, and raspberry hues into a super double image light show. There was also a super low tide of -1.4 ft. shortly before sunset as a thin crescent moon was perched lazily in the western sky. Just another beautiful sunset in Laguna. That’s why we live here!

Last week we were treated to a rare atmospheric event known as the green flash and this week we got to witness yet another rare phenomenon known as sun dogs. 

First off, the green flash is a tough one to catch. It occurs right as the sun sinks below the horizon. Atmospheric conditions have to be just right with super clear skies with perfect surface visibility with no dust particles or pollutants. If you can see both Catalina and San Clemente Islands clearly at the time of sunset, chances are pretty good you’ll see this most rare event. It only lasts a second or two. Some people never see one unless you tell ‘em what to look for. Personally, I’ve seen probably 50-100 green flashes spanning the last 43 years. 

I was first made aware of this event way back in late 1972 when my buddy Spyder Wills had just returned from the island of Mauritius off Africa while filming the Forgotten Island of Santosha where he captured on Super 8 the most rare phenomenon. Conditions are so clear in that part of the world the flash was most brilliant and even took on a turquoise hue. Conditions might just be ripe enough this upcoming weekend as we’ll be in an offshore flow with clear skies and low humidity. Keep your eyes peeled for that one at sunset.

Then we have the sun dogs. They appear only when the right clouds are present, usually altostratus at 25,000 feet or more. These prisms are the bending of light rays as they shine through tiny ice crystals; it’s cold way up there; well below zero. At nine and three o’clock as part of the 22 and a half degree halo they’ll appear as brilliant reverse rainbows, usually lasting only a few moments. The clouds can’t be totally covering the sky; so not too thick as to blot out the sun. Also a most rare event. 

It looks like near record high temps are on tap for this weekend as strong high pressure sends us a moderate Santana condition. It could make it up to 80 at water’s edge on Saturday and Sunday with even some northwest swell activity in the water and that’s music to Tidbit’s ears. He sucks up that warmth with open arms. The water temp is still hovering around the 60 degree mark so it’s time to paddle out! 

Have fun and I’ll see y’all again next Tuesday, ALOHA!

“The Creative Dialectic” opening at AR4T Gallery Saturday

AR4T Gallery wishes to invite all to the opening reception for Zio Zelger, “The Creative Dialectic” this Saturday, Jan. 24.

The reception, presented by Vans, will take place from 6 – 9 p.m. at Artists Republic 4 Tomorrow Gallery, 1175 S. Coast Hwy. Sounds will be provided by DJ Burnout and beverages provided by Pizza Port Brewing Company.

For more information, visit www.AR4T.com.

Vic Beach Sunset from an Interesting Viewpoint

Click on photo for a slightly larger image


Adam Kerfoot

Adam is an eighth grade student at Thurston Middle School

He certainly has a good eye for a cool shot!

Saddleback’s Jazz Faculty ensemble in Monday concert

The Jazz Faculty at Saddleback College kick off the spring semester with an eclectic mix of original music and great jazz standards on Monday, Jan 26 at 7:30 p.m. in the McKinney Theatre. This concert also features a world-premiere of “Bolt Spillman’s Balloon Entropy” – the first time the Jazz Faculty will perform on balloons in the college’s history! 

This wonderful ensemble features our entire jazz Faculty: Ariel Alexander on alto saxophone, Jerry Pinter on tenor saxophone, Ron Stout on trumpet, Adam Bravo on piano, Jamie Rosenn on guitar, Luther Hughes on bass, Paul Johnson on drums, and Director of Jazz Studies Joey Sellers on trombone.

Photo by Vince Neale

Paul Johnson (drums) and Joey Sellers

Tickets are $10 general and $7 students/seniors.  Tickets may be purchased by calling 949-582-4656 (Tuesday through Friday, noon-4 p.m.) or online at http://www.saddleback.edu/arts.

Saddleback College is located at 28000 Marguerite Pkwy in Mission Viejo, just east of Interstate 5 at the Avery Parkway exit.  Free parking is available in Lot 12.  Take Avery Parkway to Marguerite Parkway turn left to the third traffic light, which is Saddleback’s Marguerite entrance. Turn right into the campus and take the second left to Theatre Circle, turning right into Lot 12.

Gallery Q welcomes Mary Ann Schierholt as Art Director

Laguna Beach Seniors at the Susi Q’s Gallery Q is pleased to welcome Mary Ann Schierholt as its new Art Director. Schierholt joins the team at the Susi Q bringing with her 15 plus years’ experience as a manager and developer in both the for-profit and not-for-profit arenas. Schierholt moved to the Laguna Beach area several years ago after a career in real estate management in Princeton, New Jersey and Southern California.

Most recently she served as the Director of the Center for Maine Contemporary Art in Rockport, Maine.

While at the CMCA in Maine, Schierholt spent a great deal of her time developing relationships with and coordinating exhibits for artists - both emerging and established. Her relationships with such renowned figures as Pop artist Robert Indiana, creator of the iconic LOVE, and revered New York painter Will Barnet among others, taught her a great deal about working with and nurturing artistic talents and energies.

She lives in Dana Point with her husband, arts filmmaker Dale Schierholt, who she recently accompanied to Beijing to meet with international art superstar Ai Weiwei. Mary Ann is an active member and volunteer at the Laguna Art Museum, where she has worked with several community artists and artisans. 


“Miss Little Circa 1929” by Ellen Rose; on display with other pieces of Adornment

Gallery Q curates five exhibits per year featuring local artists and honors the participants with an opening reception for each exhibit. “Art of Adornment” exhibit is now on display at The Susi Q (380 Third Street, Laguna Beach). 

A free Artists’ Reception with beverages and light snacks will take place on Friday, Jan. 23 from 4:30 to 6 p.m. Start your weekend fun with family and friends dressed in your own adornments (optional) or let Gallery Q volunteers “adorn” you with a free henna  tattoos or exotic make up. 

The exhibit will run from now through March 10 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., Monday through Friday. Many art pieces in the show will be available for sale. For more information call: 497.2441


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