Rosalind Russell will soon be called “Carolina Goat Lady”

From a press release

Rosalind Russell of the R Star Foundation ”Women Helping Women & Children in Nepal” has been invited to Raleigh, North Carolina to present her successful work with rural women and children at former resident of Huntington Beach, Linda Toreno’s home, for a light dinner on the 25th of October with a silent auction.  Another presentation is scheduled at Linda’s church on the 28th. 

When asked why Linda is hosting the events, she stated clearly that she has watched the R Star organization start from very little in 2003 and grow to magnificent and outstanding successes, which truly benefit the world by what Rosalind began with 200 goats, now at 15,000 and growing along with micro financing; and expanded to education for children (60) by building a school and holding literacy classes for women now graduating over 3300. 

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Submitted photo

Kids in Nepal enjoying their class funded by R Star Foundation

Linda is a retired teacher; she understands the benefits of education to make lasting changes in third world countries.  Nepal is rated as the #1 poorest country in Southeast Asia.  Linda’s aim is to raise enough funds to send Rosalind back to Nepal this year with the needed 200 goats for two more villages. 

To attend or otherwise support either event, call Linda at: (919) 322-0850 or Rosalind at: 497-4911.  

To learn more email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ; PO Box 4183 or visit: to donate.

Save the date for Friendship Shelter’s 2014 gala!

Friendship Shelter’s annual gala will be held on Friday, Nov 14 at The Ritz-Carlton, Laguna Niguel. Themed HOME, the evening will feature fine dining, live and silent auctions, and lively entertainment.

Submitted photo

The Gala Cabinet!

Keiko Sakamoto (Left), Jane Manolakas, Jeri McKenna and Teddie Ray

This year’s event is chaired by Jane Manolakas, Jeri McKenna, Teddie Ray, and Keiko Sakamoto, and will honor Jane and Joe Hanauer and Temple Bat Yahm for their outstanding generosity and community leadership. 

Additionally, a former Friendship Shelter client will be honored the evening of the event and will share his remarkable journey.

“Not only do we have a fabulous event cabinet this year, but the theme HOME ties into our mission of breaking the cycle of homelessness in our community in a very meaningful way,” said Dawn Price, Executive Director of Friendship Shelter. “We’re looking forward to another fun-filled evening to raise critical funds that directly impact the men and women who turn to us in despair, and leave with hope and the promise of a new beginning.”

Tickets to the gala are $250 each and sponsorship packages range from $1,500 to $25,000. Additional details can be found at:

All proceeds will benefit Friendship Shelter, which has helped homeless adults achieve self- sufficiency since its inception 26 years ago. Every night, nearly 100 people who would otherwise be on the street sleep safely under the care of Friendship Shelter staff at its flagship shelter on Coast Highway in Laguna Beach, the Alternative Sleeping Location in Laguna Canyon, or at various permanent supportive housing sites throughout South Orange County.

For more info about the Gala, or to purchase tickets, call (949) 494-6928 x. 16.

We’ve gotta beat Maggi’s winning streak!

She’s had a few stumpers in the last couple of weeks, so now it’s our turn to beat her at her game.

If you know where these places and things are, bombard her with emails! That ought to get her goat.

Send in all the answers you’ve got to the Laguna locales pictured here.

Begin with the featured photo below then click on the left-hand photo in the slideshow to view the other three. 

Good luck!

Submit your answers to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The correct answers will be in Friday’s edition and on our Facebook page.

Have fun and thanks for playing!

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Our Two Main Beach Lifeguard Towers

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Scott Brashier

If you have children and have visited the kids’ playground at Main Beach, you have looked closely at the Lifeguard Tower slide. If not – check it out soon! 

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Lunch was on us & the community enjoyed every bite

Team Stu News Laguna invited our readers to an afternoon of off-the-record conversation and fantastic tacos at Avila’s El Ranchito on Friday. People came armed with good cheer and plenty of topics to discuss.

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Photos by Mary Hurlbut

Shaena shared hugs all around. Stu got into a little off-the-record election talk when asked. Maggi talked with an artist who was pitching his story. Larry took a break from behind his law desk to crunch on chicken tacos. Ketta stopped by to say hi. Scott was in front of the camera, and Mary was behind it. 

Old friends re-connected, and lots of people made new friends.

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Stu News and friends enjoyed the company and the tacos on Friday

Everyone thanked Stu and Shaena as they left, and said, “Let’s do this again!”

It was a good old-fashioned small town house party, just the way we think of Laguna. “We love Laguna and we love what we do!”

Check out more of Mary Hurlbut’s photos in the slideshow below

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LAM’s Art & Nature features…nature-based art!

Laguna Art Museum will present the Art & Nature event Nov. 6-9. Art & Nature is a multidisciplinary exploration of art’s many and various engagements with the natural world. Both a community-wide festival and a conference, the festival will include works of art specially commissioned for the event.

Art & Nature brings California artists of all kinds together with art historians, cultural historians, scientists, environmentalists, geographers, and other thinkers to share ideas and information about art in its engagement with nature.

This annual event serves a number of purposes: to provide a festival of art and ideas for the community; to inspire artists; to offer scientists a sense of what their work means in the wider culture; to find and develop connections between art and science; to raise awareness of environmental issues; and to celebrate Laguna Beach as a center for the appreciation of art and nature.

Artists have responded to nature in a kaleidoscopic variety of ways, from landscape and still life to scientific illustration, garden design, and Land Art; from painting and sculpture to installations, photography, film, and video. They have been inspired by the microscopic and the astronomical, by scientific research, by conservation concerns, by love and awe.

Nature-based art has developed hand-in-hand with natural science, serving to connect science with the general culture and provide scientists with a sense of the social, intellectual, and imaginative context of their work. Throughout history, artists have periodically rallied around calls for a return to nature, and the early twenty-first century may well be such a moment.

The theme of Art & Nature speaks particularly to the identity of Laguna Beach, which for over a hundred years has been a center for art, the appreciation of nature, and environmental awareness. In 1929, when the Laguna Beach Art Association built an art gallery to show and sell their work, they chose a commanding location on the coastline close to the natural wonders they loved to paint. The present museum occupies the same site. There could be no more appropriate venue in which to explore the art-nature connection.

Laguna Art Museum is at 307 Cliff Dr. For information, please visit 


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