Laguna College of Art and Design brings grads and industry pros together at industry open house May 21

Laguna College of Art and Design (LCAD) continued its annual tradition of granting industry professionals exclusive access to its industry-ready graduating seniors.

This year’s Industry Open House was held on Thursday, May 21, 2015 at LCAD’s Big Bend Campus in Laguna Beach, CA.

“Industry Open House is an event that fosters interaction between companies seeking new talent and LCAD students poised for professional success,” said Robin Fuld, LCAD’s Director of Career Services. “We’re proud that, through our close relationships with major companies and with our art and design curricula, this event ushers students to industry-specific jobs upon graduation.”

Participating students are carefully selected by jury to meet with representatives from 43 Los Angeles, San Diego and Orange County based companies that included Ben Eine, Blizzard, DC Entertainment, Disney Animation, The Jim Henson Creature Shop, M Creative, McGillivray Freeman Films, Nickelodeon, Obsidian Entertainment, Stance and The Consortium Design Agency. Company reps met with students for a firsthand look at their portfolios, conducted casual interviews and provided valuable career advice.

Taylor Blue, a recent LCAD Illustration alumna, admitted the competition to be included in the open house was intense. “I was up against other extremely talented students whose work I respect and admire,” she said. “My goal is to learn from the industry professionals I meet at the open house.”

Blue’s senior portfolio includes visual design for mobile games, action sports design apparel and visual development for book designs.  

“LCAD students prepare for this event the moment they begin their freshman year,” Fuld said. “Students accepted to IOH know that they will be introduced to the companies they’ve always dreamed of working for, and they know those same companies are looking for the talents and skills they gained at LCAD.”

Students at LCAD’s 2015 IOH represented the following visual communication degree programs: Animation, Design + Digital Media, Game Art and Illustration.  

Founded in 1961, Laguna College of Art and Design (LCAD) is one of the top art and design schools in the nation. LCAD offers undergraduate degrees (BFA) in Animation, Design + Digital Media, Fine Arts (Drawing and Painting), Game Art and Illustration, as well as Master of Fine Arts degrees (MFA) in Drawing and Painting. Named by NIKE as one of the top three design schools in the world, LCAD is closely partnered with industry leaders. These partnerships have resulted in a 90% employment rate for LCAD’s visual arts graduates. Blizzard Entertainment, Disney Animation, DreamWorks, FOX, Hurley International, NIKE, VANS, Warner Brothers Animation and more employ LCAD visual arts alumni. 

LCAD Fine Arts alumni are accepted to the most prestigious graduate programs and go on to become internationally recognized artists and educators who shape dialogue with renowned collectors, museums and gallerists. The Dennis and Leslie Power Library at LCAD houses invaluable historic archives that include The Rex and Joan Irving Brandt Papers.

For more information about LCAD admissions, news, events and Annual Fund, visit Facebook at @LCADBFA, Twitter @LCAD and Instagram @lcadbfa.   

Laguna Beach Library’s May & early June events

Laguna Beach Library will host a host of fun events throughout February. All programs are free, graciously funded by Friends of The Laguna Beach Library. 

Laguna Beach Library’s February Events:

Saturday, May 30, 11 a.m. - 3 p.m. Children’s Craft Open House Get creative! Let your imagination run wild!  Children 12-years and under are encouraged to come to the library Saturdays, during the hours of 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. to make fun and creative seasonal projects.  Adult supervision is recommended.

Wednesday, June 3rd at 11 a.m. School Readiness Program for Parents & Caregivers Laguna Beach Public Library in collaboration with the Laguna Beach School Readiness program will be presenting a Storytime and Parent Ed Workshop for families on June 3rd at 10:30 a.m. The workshop for parents will take place at 11 a.m. immediately following storytime. Led by Julie Olsen of LBUSD, the workshop will focus on developing speech and strategies you can use in increase your child’s speech and vocabulary. This program is free.  Preregistration required.  Contact Julie Olsen at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or sign up at the Library. Must RSVP by Monday, June 1.

Laguna Beach Library regular hours are Monday to Wednesday 10 a.m. to 8 p.m., Thursday 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., Friday and Saturday 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and closed on Sundays and holidays, Thursday, Feb. 12 Lincoln’s Birthday and Monday, Feb. 16, Presidents Day. 

Laguna Beach Library is at 363 Glenneyre St. For information, call 497-1733. 

Do you recognize the location?

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Aga Stuchlik

Almost everyone would know this if it were a daytime picture. Aga took this time delay and we wonder if you’ll know where! Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Dennis’ Tidbits



May 29, 2015

Naturally, the weekend is over and the sun is out!

Now that Memorial weekend’s over, the sun comes out, of course. Speaking of sun, starting next Tuesday, the sun will be setting at 8 o’clock or later and that pattern will continue until July 20. Our earliest sunrise at this latitude will occur from June 4-10 with a sunrise at 5:40 a.m.

The 2015 Eastern Pacific tropical storm and hurricane season is now two weeks old today but things are still pretty quiet at this time, although that can change in a heartbeat. Last season at this time we already had Category 4 hurricane Alma and high end tropical storm Boris under our belt. Last season was a busy one as we got all the way up to Winnie in early November. 

The deepest we’ve gone into the alphabet in the Eastern Pacific was in 1985 when Xina appeared in early November and actually sent us a three day 3-5 foot pulse. 1985 was a good season for Baja swells as well. 

The 2005 Atlantic Basin season was so busy they ran out the regular alphabet and actually went six deep into the Greek alphabet when all was said and done. If you’ll remember, that season was when major hurricanes Katrina and Rita ravaged the Gulf Coast. Both names have since been retired due to significant economic impact from both systems.

Well, I’ll guess you could say the severe drought that for nearly a decade that has plagued Texas and Oklahoma has officially come to an end as relentless historical rains during the month of May have dropped up to two feet of rain in some areas. Dallas and Oklahoma City both recorded not only their wettest May on record, but their wettest month ever by far. Both stations have exceeded a mind boggling 20 inches and May isn’t over yet as more severe weather is bearing down on both places as we speak here at 8 p.m. on Thursday. 

An additional 3-6 inches or more is expected there for May 29, 30, and 31.

Dallas’ previous wettest May ever occurred in 1982 with a total of 13.66 inches and their wettest month ever occurred in October of 1981 with a total of 14.18 inches, thus both records have been shattered by far with more to come. Normal May rainfall in Dallas is 4.86 inches so we’re talking in excess of 500% of normal!

Oklahoma City’s previous wettest May occurred also in 1982 with 12.07 inches; they’ve shattered that record by more than eight inches. Their previous wettest month of record was in June of 1989 with 14.66 inches and they’ve made shambles of that previous record. Normal May rainfall in Oklahoma City is 5.22 inches, which is normally their wettest month of the year.

To put things in perspective, those two places have collected more rain in less than a month’s time than we have seen in three year totals here in town! We could sure stand to borrow a bit of their wet stuff as our four year drought out here shows no signs of letting up any time soon. 

Normal rain here from May through October averages less than one inch! It’s looking like a lot of yellow and brown lawns and grungy cars on tap.

Have a great weekend and we’ll get together again next Tuesday! 

God willin’! ALOHA!

Celebrate World Oceans Day at Ocean Institute next weekend

Come explore the oceans of the world on Saturday and Sunday, June 6 & 7, 10 a.m. - 3 p.m. at the Ocean Institute! World Oceans Day allows us to celebrate the oceans’ wide array of wonders and resources and to consider ways that each of us can help with ocean conservation. Come and explore the wonders of the ocean with us:

Investigate the oceans of the world,

Discover unusual animal adaptations through hands-on activities,

Learn about the importance of the ocean for different cultures, past and present,

Ponder ways you can help preserve nature’s beauty.

Activities are included with general weekend admission: $10/adult, $7.50 seniors and children ages 3-12 (members and children under 2 free).

The Ocean Institute is a non-profit organization, which seeks to demystify the world of science, empower children to become tomorrow’s scientific leaders, and deepen society’s appreciation of how the ocean and science impact our lives. Established in 1977, the Ocean Institute uses the mystery and allure of the ocean to inspire 115,000 students per year with more than 60 award-winning ocean science and maritime history programs. 

The Ocean Institute is located in Dana Point Harbor alongside the tide pools of a Marine Protected Area, and they use the ocean as the classroom to inspire students of all ages to learn. Beginning May 18, 2015, they’re open to the general public. 

24200 Dana Point Harbor Dr., Dana Point.

Phone: (949) 496-2274.

Ed. Note: The Peace Exchange is a non-profit dedicated to making change in the lives of women and children in the Dominican Republic of the Congo. They will be reporting on their progress and activities in the coming weeks. This is the first story of their trip to DR Congo sewing centers.


From our community to theirs, The Peace Exchange is paying it forward to women and children of DR Congo


The Peace Exchange – Sustainable Fair Trade has just returned from Congo with more great news and developments.Surpassing the Kickstarter crowd-funding campaign goal of $15,000, The Peace Exchange successfully opened the second sewing center in Bukavu, Dominican Republic of the Congo.

Employing local Congolese women in two sewing centers, this is, for many, their first job and the gateway to sustainable change.

The Peace Exchange founder, Katie Bond, and board member/partner, Iris Bourne traveled to central Africa in April/May 2015 to work hands-on in the development and launch of a new sewing facility creating fair trade work, and helping empower women and children who are living in what is known as “one of the worst places on earth to be a woman.”

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Katie Bond (left) and Iris Bourne (second from right) 

enjoying the company of the fair trade artisans

“We give a special thanks to many Laguna Beach locals for their support in helping this transpire,” said Katie Bond. 

The trip was a success surpassing all expectations.With two fully functioning sewing centers in Congo, more single mothers have a safe place to work and earn a fair wage to support their children. For the first time many women will have their own money to buy food and send/pay for their children to attend school.

On April 23, Katie and Iris were introduced to Dr. Dennis Mukwege.Dr. Mukwege is the founder of the world-renowned Panzi Hospital.Specializing in treating survivors of the horrific on-going wartime sexual violence, Dr. Mukwege was nominated for a Nobel Prize for his leadership and humanitarian efforts, as last year alone the doctor and his staff preformed over 2,400 surgeries for free.

“One of the most memorable moments on this trip was during our visit to the Panzi Hospital.Dr. Mukwege was such a gentle soul and humble man. Meeting with him and his staff of doctors, touring the hospital, seeing the women and children first hand is something we will never forget,” said Katie. “I am humbled… no words can truly describe our visit.

“Because of that time at the hospital, we are inspired to help – and so in our own way, we are.Our seamstresses in Congo will partner with Panzi Hospital to make fair trade products, with revenue going back to support the hospital.”

In collaboration with Dr. Mukwege, The Peace Exchange is developing a pajama pant line called “Panzi PJ’s”.The line of men’s and women’s pajama pants will launch this month.

Proceeds from the sale of the pants will go to support fistula surgical care, and the purchase of solar panels for the surgery room.A special event will take place in July showcasing the new pants as well as other items available for purchase.Items for sale can also be found on the website,

As the Peace Exchange traveled north to Goma to scout out possible locations for a third sewing center, Katie and Iris met with Camille and Esther Ntoto who run Africa New Day.The Ntoto’s are Congolese locals who received their undergraduate degree from a university in California and currently run a leadership-training program for youth/young adults.They spend two months a year in Orange County collaborating with Mariner’s Church, developing community programs for Congo.(Currently they are looking for individuals who are looking to do short-term volunteer work in Congo teaching English to their students). 

During the visit to Africa New Day, Katie and Iris spent time with many Congolese students, ages 4-24, answering questions about what the Peace Exchange is creating, and how we can all work together to see change in Congo.

Click on photo for a larger image


Some of the seamstresses of The Peace Exchange 

Empowerment, education, and sustainability are helping a younger generation rise up and work for positive change.A young student leader, Charmante Baluza, approached and shared her dreams of rising up Congolese women, and her desire to become the first female president of DR Congo. 

“We are inspired by a new generation of young leaders – they are the future of Congo,” said Katie.“Our time with these youth give us hope that positive change is coming in a country of much needed peace.”

Finishing their time in Congo in early May, Katie and Iris met with the Eastern Congo Initiative (ECI), founded by Ben Affleck.ECI works to empower local groups in DRC.The visit of The Peace Exchange with ECI was filled with shared stories of hope and plans for collaboration in fair trade and humanitarian efforts. 

“We were truly blown away by the positive meeting with ECI.Our success is found in collaboration, and we are happy to say meetings are taking place this weekend in Los Angeles with ECI and Peace Exchange staff to see how we can continue to work together to support Congo,” said Katie.“If you were to ask Iris and I all the things we wanted to do on our month trip abroad, we would never have dreamed up all the great things that unfolded.We are beyond happy with where the local non-profit The Peace Exchange is headed and we cannot thank the community of Laguna Beach enough for their support along the way.”

The Peace Exchange is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit based in Laguna Beach.Run by a board of 11 members spanning from Europe and North America to Africa (five board members are Laguna Beach locals). 

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