Harmony Art Exhibit features current and historical collections of LGBT artists at Gallery Q on May 7

Explore themes of peace, harmony and unity through the art on display at “Harmony Art Exhibit,” which opens on Monday, May 7 and runs through Friday, June 29, presented by Gallery Q at the Susi Q Center. In conjunction with Laguna Beach’s Pride Month, this exhibition will also feature current works and a historical collection of work from LGBTQ artists in the Laguna Beach community.

Art will be accepted from 10 a.m. – noon and 5 – 7 p.m. on Thursday, May 3.

There will be a reception on Friday, May 11 from 5 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.

Harmony Art Exhibit at Gallery Q, opening on May 7

Larry Ricci of Club Q is working with Gallery Q and Susi Q to have the LGBTQ Artists recognized within this great exhibit of Unity. It will feature art works from “Then & Now,” created by our LGBTQ artisans. 

The LGBTQ artists’ works will be displayed in the Multi-Purpose Room of Susi Q, which Larry Ricci, founder of Club Q, says, “Is an honor and an opportunity that will come around maybe once for many years to come. Show Your Art - Show Your Pride.”

For more information and applications or further questions, visit www.thesusiq.org (under Gallery Q) or email artsdirector@thesusiq.org.

This is as close as we can come to actually singing to our readers on their birthdays! 

We’d love to include yours – and/or your children’s birthdays here.

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April 24

Ari Novick

Bara Waters

Christina Lomonaco

Don Suskind

Gina Waggener

Karl Weber

Marcia Yury

Susie Jaqua

Terri Johnson


April 25

Alora Ashlie

David Seach

Doris Bui-Bender

Lisa Anderson

Mike Austin


April 26

Andy Alison

Julita Jones

Marlise Chel

Sunny Elizabeth

Tania Cassill

Victoria Maddock


April 27

Bree Vetere Case

Damian Berry Carter

Nancy Duker

Terry Klein


April 28

Dawn Knepper

Gil Hager

Jeannine Cooper

Jen Hoy

Patty Tacklind


April 29

Chris Kreymann

David Epstein

Patrick Stanton


April 30

Brynne Cogorno

Kendall Clark

Sound Spectrum



1. Peter Green’s Fleetwood Mac, Greatest Hits

2. Grateful Dead, Live

3. Jimi Hendrix, Both Sides Of The Sky 

4.The Decembrists, I’ll Be Your Girl

Click on photo for a larger image

5. Jack Kerouac, Blues and Haikus 

6. King Gizzard & Lizard Wizard, Polygondwanaland 

7. David Byrne, American Utopia 

Click on photo for a larger image

8.Ty Segall, Freedom’s Goblin 

9. MGMT Little Dark Age 

10. Sublime, Robin The Hood

11. Beck, Colors


Since 1967

1264 S. Coast Hwy


LBL Annual Poetry contest, renamed “John Gardiner Community Poetry Contest”, deadline is on April 30

 April is National Poetry Month and Laguna Beach Library will be accepting submissions for its 20th annual Community Poetry Contest all month long. This year’s theme is “Seascape Sonnets.”

To honor the memory of late local poet and former contest Master of Ceremonies, John Gardiner, the contest will heretofore be renamed the, “John Gardiner Community Poetry Contest.” Friends of Laguna Beach Library are donating a paving stone in his honor to be installed in the library’s butterfly garden.

John Gardiner leaves behind a rich legacy. He was a dramatist, teacher, activist, and author of twelve collections of poetry. John was a performer, and a perfectionist and a lover of Shakespeare. He died on the morning of Tuesday, October 24, 2017, of a heart attack while driving on Laguna Canyon Rd.

Click on photo for larger image

Photo by Mary Hurlbut

John Gardiner reading from his book Coyote Blues

In addition to performing at local poetry readings, slams and workshops in Laguna Beach for the past two decades, John regularly toured in a music-infused Shakespearian show called “Shakespeare’s Fool.” He teamed up with Jason Feddy. Together they mixed rock ’n roll music along with reggae and acoustic based tunes, performing ten songs and ten speeches from the Shakespeare canon.

How to enter John Gardiner Community Poetry Contest

Throughout the month of April, entrants may submit up to three original poems.

Poets of all ages are invited to enter. All poems must be submitted by the end of April 30. All poems must include: Name, Contact information (phone or email), and Grade level (or Adult). Original poems cannot be returned.

Click on photo for larger image

2017 Poetry Contest Winners 

Entrants either physically deliver poems to Laguna Beach Library (363 Glenneyre St) or email entry to ocpl.lagunabeach@occr.ocgov.com (include name, contact information, and grade level/or adult).

The top three winners in each category will be awarded gift certificates for Laguna Books, courtesy of Friends of Laguna Beach Library. Winning poets are also invited to read their winning poems to the public at the annual Recognition of Winning Poets to be held at the Library on Saturday, June 2.

Winning Poems will be published in the 20th Annual Poetry Booklet.

Those interested in submitting cover art for this year’s booklet, contact the library.

 Volume 10, Issue 33  |  April 24, 2018                                       

Why A Lifetime Care Program 051316

Why a lifetime care program for senior cats? Because there’s often plenty left in the kitty


What do senior cats wish for in their retirement? It’s hard to know. Do they dream of being able to sleep in, getting 23 hours of shut-eye instead of 22? Do they long to lie supine on a warm windowsill, watching the birds and the bees without the unsettling youthful urges that have sometimes led to frustration and other times to great fun? Do they long to be with that one partner who will comfort them until the end?

According to Pamela Knudsen, the PR volunteer coordinator for the nonprofit Blue Bell Foundation for Cats in Laguna Canyon, senior cats really aren’t that different from their human counterparts.

“Here, with Blue Bell’s Lifetime Care program, we make sure that our cats have all the comforts of home and are very well taken care of, ensuring that their golden years are filled with contentment, just as anyone would want for their aging loved ones, human or otherwise,” says Knudsen. 

Blue Bell’s Cat Retirement Sanctuary, which was founded in 1989, is not a shelter or an adoption service.

 Instead, Blue Bell offers loving and compassionate care for senior cats whose owners can no longer care for them, because of relocation, illness, or death. Resident cats live in the spacious cottage with its sunny patios, warm beds and garden setting until their final days. This was the vision of Bertha Gray Yergat, who bequeathed her home in the canyon as a permanent retirement home for cats. 

Click on photo for a larger image


Mittens and Sweet Pea have formed a close friendship at Blue Bell 

“Most cat owners take loving care of their pets, and yet don’t think ahead to the time when they might not be able to provide for them. Sometimes they assume that a friend or relative will adopt their cats, but even when this does happen, even the most well-meaning of people may ultimately find this a burden and end up taking the cat to a shelter,” Knudsen says. 

“This is particularly the case with senior cats, who, like humans, often require expensive medical procedures to deal with age-related disease and illness such as diabetes. Senior cats in shelters typically don’t get adopted, which is just sad for the older cat who is already dealing with the stress of losing its owner. And if the shelter isn’t a no-kill, the cat won’t be kept for long, and we know what that means.”

Enter the concept of estate planning that includes lifetime provisions for pet care, an idea that is increasing in popularity as a way to bring peace of mind to pet owners.

“Blue Bell was one of the first to see the need for what we call our Lifelong Care Program, which provides a home environment similar to the ones that the cats have experienced with their owners,” Knudsen says. “Right now we have 50 cats, though you wouldn’t guess it when you visit because of the spaciousness of the premises. Volunteers come in on a daily basis, giving the cats lots of attention, snuggling and playing with them. Staff provide the basics: food, fresh water, medication, and trips to the vet as needed.”

Knudsen notes that senior cats tend to be mellow—perhaps in this regard not so similar to aging humans?—and live together quite happily as long as they have a space to call their own.  Some remain loners, but occasionally close relationships form as the same groups of cats hang out together in the same spots. Knudsen is especially fond of the bunk-bed cat cabal consisting of Sweet Pea, Harry, Mittens, Tiger, Squirt, Buttercup, Angelo and Bubbe.

Apparently most in this group are pretty easy-going, though some, like Squirt, can be quite demanding, and some are more talkative than others. It is particularly heart-warming, Knudsen notes, to see the feral pair of tabbies, Mittens and Tiger, find solace in their friendship. Mittens and Sweet Pea are the “anchors” of the group, seldom stirring unless to greet Knudsen upon her arrival at the sanctuary.

Click on photo for a larger image


Laguna Woods Cat Club members and volunteer/tour guide Pamela Knudsen watch Sammy, Angelo and Ruckus enjoying a catnip blanket donated by Suzanne Stowe of LWCC

The Blue Bell Foundation, in partnership with the Laguna Beach Garden Club and Laguna Beach Beautification Council and with sponsorship from local businesses including Laguna Nursery, Native West Landscapes, Madison Square Garden and Café, and Visionscape, also has plans to beautify the Sanctuary’s setting, showcasing local flora and fauna and providing enhanced visual entertainment for the cats. Ten planned gardens will include predominantly blue and white plants, and will feature succulents, ferns, an aviary, butterfly gardens, and a meadow.

“We want Blue Bell Gardens to become a stunningly beautiful horticultural and educational destination point for Laguna Beach residents and schoolchildren,” says volunteer project manager and Chairman of the Advisory Board, Jeff Zakaryan. “Of course, we will need to manage the number of visitors at any given time, because it is important to maintain serene surroundings for the cats. They are our first priority.”

Oh, to be a cat destined for the Blue Bell Retirement Sanctuary! 

For more information about the Blue Bell Foundation for Cats, visit their website at www.bluebellcats.org or contact Pamela Knudsen at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. t. For information about Blue Bell Gardens, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Library Events



Month of April (ongoing)

20th Annual Community Poetry Contest, in memory of John Gardiner

During the month of April, which is National Poetry Month, Laguna Beach Library presents its 20th Annual Poetry Contest, this year dedicated to the memory of John Gardiner, Laguna Beach’s legendary poet. Last year, he served as Master of Ceremonies at the winners’ reception, where he hosted a public reading of winning poems from the community poetry contest.

The theme is “Seascape Sonnets,” and entries will be accepted from April 1 - 30. This event is for all ages, and there will be winners in all categories. Winning poets will be notified by late May. Original poems cannot be returned. Courtesy of Friends of Laguna Beach Library, prizes of $25 - $100 gift certificates will be awarded.


Tues, April 24

Crazy 8’s Math Club

3:30 – 4:30 p.m.

Crazy 8’s is a recreational after-school math club that helps kids enjoy the math behind their favorite activities! This is an 8-week program for K-2nd grade. The club will meet once a week for one hour. Space is limited. Pre-registration is required. 


Wed, April 25

Pre-School Playtime

10:30 – 11:30 a.m.

Calling all pre-schoolers and toddlers! You are invited to enjoy our new Wednesday storytime. Stories, songs, fingerplay, dancing and more will encourage a love of books and learning in a fun and interactive environment. Come for the stories and stay for playtime afterward.


Thurs, April 26

Family Storytime

10:30 a.m. – Noon

Welcome to the Peapod Academy. Join some of the cutest babies, toddlers, & preschoolers in town and adults of their choice at the Library. Little peas will enjoy books & storytime, songs & music, fingerplays, movement, hands on activities, arts & crafts, and other cadets. Each week has a different theme. Get to know others and support your little one’s developmental skills. No preregistration required.


Laguna Beach Library

363 Glenneyre St.



  Laguna Beach Books

Bi-weekly Bestsellers



Tangerine by Christine Mangan

The Female Persuasion by Meg Wolitzer 

Varina by Charles Frazier



Make Trouble by Cecile Richards

Russian Roulette by Michael Isikoff & David Corn

Enlightenment Now by Steven Pinker


Children’s Books

The Coral Kingdom by Laura Knowles

Sometimes You Fly by Katherine Applegate

Alabama Spitfire by Bethany Hegedus 


Staff Recommendation

Lonely Planet Atlas of Adventure


1200 S Coast Hwy



Chabad Jewish Center offers course that explores six of life’s most intriguing questions; begins May 2

Beginning on Wednesday, May 2 at 7 p.m., Chabad Jewish Center will be offering What Is? Rethinking Everything We Know about Our Universe, a fascinating new six-session course from the Rohr Jewish Learning Institute (JLI).

What Is? explores six of the most intriguing questions that have ever challenged mankind: Is the world real? Is time travel possible? Why does evil exist? Who is God? What is consciousness? Are we bound by fate?

“I find that many people are looking to deepen their experience of life,” said Rabbi Gorevitch. “This JLI course invites participants to live more deeply, by deepening their thinking, insight, and awareness of the fundamentals of life and of our universe.”

Like all JLI programs, this course is designed to appeal to people at all levels of knowledge, including those without any prior experience or background in Jewish learning. All JLI courses are open to the public, and attendees need not be affiliated with a particular synagogue, temple, or other house of worship.

For more information or for interested students, call (949) 499 0770 or visit www.myJLI.com for registration. Chabad is located at 30804 S Coast Hwy.

April 26 and 29 one-of-a-kind art jewelry and clothing sale by Carole Zavala

Carole Zavala of CZ Jewelry Designs and Kim Maxwell of Faye Maxwell have a California Boutique special showing and sale on April 26 and 29 at Carole’s home.

“I hope that you can join us for this clothing and jewelry show at my beautiful apartment here in Laguna Beach. I’m moving in mid-May to Laguna Woods, so this will be my last Laguna party and a chance to enjoy this great space,” says Zavala.

Laguna Beach artist Carole Zavala

There will be brand new designs and merchandise, including the “Ocean Breezes” line of clothing and accessories, and Laguna Beach artist handmade jewelry. These will be original designs – not found in stores.

The event is from 4 – 7 p.m. on April 26, and from 1 – 4 p.m. on April 29, located at 330 Cliff Drive, Apt. 303.

There will be champagne, wine and treats. Credit cards are welcome.

For information and to RSVP, call (949) 683-0433 or email czavala831@gmail.com.

LBHS Schedules



Tuesday, April 24

Boys Golf

@ Trabuco Hills (Dove Canyon CC)

2:30 p.m.


Boys Tennis

@ Estancia – 3:15 p.m.


Girls Sand Volleyball

@ JSerra – 3:30 p.m.


Boys Baseball

@ Godinez – 3:30 p.m.


Boys Volleyball 

Home vs. Costa Mesa – 5:30 p.m.



Wednesday, April 25

 Girls Lacrosse

@ JSerra – 3:30 p.m. 


Girls Softball

Home vs. Estancia

Thurston – 4 p.m.



Thursday, April 26

Boys Tennis

@ Ojai Interscholastic Championship

All Day 


Coed Track Meet

@ Estancia – 3 p.m.


Girls Sand Volleyball

Home vs. St. Joseph’s

Main Beach – 3:30 p.m.


Girls Lacrosse

Home vs. Rosary Academy

3:30 p.m.


Boys Volleyball 

@ Saddleback – 5:30 p.m.



Friday,  April 27

 Boys Tennis

@ Ojai Interscholastic Championship

All Day


Friday,  April 27

Boys Volleyball

@ Redondo Union Tournament - TBA


Friday,  April 27

Boys Baseball

@ Godinez – 3:30 p.m.



Saturday, April 28

Boys Tennis

@ Ojai Interscholastic Championship



Boys Volleyball

@ Redondo Union Tournament



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