DUI Arrests

Steven James Caswell, 25, Irvine – Sunday, June 4 With a Prior

Milton Antoni Martinez, 21, Santa Ana – Saturday, June 3 Single Vehicle Crash

John Edward Torres, 21, Aliso Viejo – Saturday Cell Caller

Benjamin Polinsjones, 20, Laguna Beach – Saturday

Matthew Cook, 29, Canada – Friday, June 2


Incident Reports

Sunday, June 4

Cypress Drive | 200 Block | Burglary, Vehicle

5:37 a.m. After hearing a vehicle alarm go off, the RP saw the window to his car broken and his wallet missing.

West Street & Coast Hwy | Drunk in Public, Drugs

4:12 a.m. Mary Susan Remesic, 25, Virginia, was arrested for being drunk in public. She was also charged with possession of a controlled substance and bringing drugs into jail. 

Saturday, June 3

Arrests for Being Drunk in Public

Bradford Arthur Sturtevant, 53, no fixed address

High Drive | 100 Block | Violating Protective Order

9:48 p.m. Ronald Robert Sheuerman, 49, Laguna Beach, was arrested for violating a protective order to prevent domestic violence. Bail was $15,000. 

Laguna Canyon Road | 20600 Block | Resisting

4:13 p.m. Ursula Platt, 53, no fixed address, was arrested for delaying officers. 

Friday, June 2

Arrests for Being Drunk in Public

Ryan Leopold Jarretche Shrager, 20, Santa Monica

Erick McGuffick, 52, San Clemente

Camel Point Drive | Vandalism

9:28 p.m. Officers called for a loud party arrested Liam Bryant, 18, Laguna Beach, for vandalism. 

Park Avenue | 200 Block | Warrant

8:44 p.m. Michael Adam Rudd, 33, Marina Del Rey, was arrested on a $5,000 warrant from El Dorado for possession of tear gas and for failure to appear in court. 

Laguna Canyon Road | 3200 Block | Vandalism

5:51 p.m. John Mizuno, 18, no fixed address, was arrested for vandalism with $500 bail. 

Thursday, June 1

Arrests for Being Drunk in Public

Robert Charles Hitchcock, 64, Laguna Beach

Myrtle Street | 300 Block | Domestic Violence, Assault with a Deadly Weapon

11:40 p.m. After hitting a man with a bottle, Rose Schuyler, 25, Huntington Beach, was arrested for domestic violence and assault with a deadly weapon. 

Ruby Street | 300 Block | Vandalism

1:54 p.m. The RP’s home was spraypainted. A suspect was named. 

Ceanothus | 31400 Block | Petty Theft

1:52 p.m. An unknown suspect took the RP’s handbag containing a spare key, $200 cash, and an iPhone. 

Lombardy Lane | 500 Block | Fraud

9:44 a.m. The victim’s credit card accounts were compromised. 

Wednesday, May 31

Forest Avenue | 500 Block | Warrant

10:20 p.m. Anthony Brian McClennen, 29, San Clemente, was arrested on an outstanding Harbor Court warrant. 

Broadway Street | 200 Block | Vehicle Fire

10:11 p.m. A minivan on fire temporarily closed Broadway Street. The fire was extinguished by 10:23 p.m. 

Monaco Drive | 2500 Block | Grand Theft

6:02 p.m. A watch valued at $6,500 was stolen. A suspect was named. 

Forest Avenue | 200 Block | Petty Theft

4:31 p.m. A pillow case and butter dish cover worth $375 were stolen. The RP has surveillance video of the suspect. 

Irvine Center Drive | 7700 Block | Warrant

11:01 a.m. Richard Alan Basel, 45, Maryland, was arrested on an outstanding Harbor Court warrant. 

S. Coast Hwy | 500 Block | Grand Theft

10:45 a.m. A bronze statue, 14 inches tall and 8 inches wide, was stolen from a showroom. The loss was estimated at $5,000. No suspects were seen. 

Temple Hills Drive | 1200 Block | Petty Theft

9:50 a.m. A license plate was stolen. 

Poplar | 500 Block | Theft from a Vehicle

8:27 a.m. A laptop was stolen from an unlocked vehicle. 

Tuesday, May 30

Brooks Street & S. Coast Hwy | Traffic Crash

8:48 p.m. A two-vehicle injury collision blocked the northbound lanes of Coast Hwy. 

Coast Hwy & West Street | Warrants

7:11 p.m. During a traffic stop, Azadzoi Barnosh Andy, 33, Laguna Beach, was arrested on two warrants – one for driving on a suspended license, and the other a no-bail warrant for failure to appear in court. 

S. Coast Hwy | 600 Block | Resisting

11:16 a.m. Matthew Paul Benusa, 30, Laguna Beach, was arrested for resisting officers. 

S. Coast Hwy | 200 Block | Petty Theft

11:02 a.m. Two gold necklaces were stolen. 

S. Coast Hwy | 700 Block | Failure to Register 

10:10 a.m. Edward James McCord, 29, Costa Mesa, was arrested for violation of the sex offender registration act.

Police Files

The lure of lingerie leads to arrest

From an LBPD press release

On May 2, LBPD Officers responded to a burglary investigation at Delicate Illusions, located at 1857 South Coast Highway.  Delicate Illusions is a romantic boutique. The store owner and victim reported over $1400.00 worth of merchandise and cash had been taken during the burglary, which occurred while the business was closed.

During the initial investigation, LBPD Officers reviewed surveillance video from inside the store and recognized 53-year old Reese Westenberger as the perpetrator.  A crime bulletin was distributed throughout the police department listing Westenberger as a suspect in the case.  

On May 31, a bicycle patrol officer recognized Westenberger standing outside of 20652 Laguna Canyon Road. Westenberger attempted to flee the area on foot, and after a short chase, he surrendered.  Westenberger was taken into custody and charged with burglary, grand theft, and vandalism.  

Is thief no longer under any illusions?

When interviewed by Detectives, Westenberger denied involvement.  Westenberger was booked into Orange County Jail and held on $25,000 bail.

Anyone with any information regarding this investigation or other similar incidents is encouraged to call the Laguna Beach Police Department at (949) 497-0701.  For further information, please contact Sergeant Jim Cota at (949) 464-6671 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .  

To submit tips anonymously, please contact Crime Stoppers at 855-TIP-OCCS or 855-847-6227. You can also reach Crime Stoppers online at www.crimestoppers.org.

Rash of vehicle burglaries Saturday night

Throughout the day on Saturday, at least seven victims reported that their cars had been entered overnight and items stolen. 

Amongst the stolen property were sunglasses, wallets, paperwork, a computer, and a purse with cash inside. Some of the vehicles had been locked and others were forced open.

“Detectives are currently looking at all leads,” said Sgt. James Cota, LBPD spokesperson. “Progress is being made on locating a suspect.”

Remember, if you see something, say something.

Renters on the rampage

In two unrelated incidents this week, occupants of rented residences are suspected of burgling multiple items from the homes in which they were staying. 

A vacation home in the 31800 block of Circle Drive had TVs, carpet, electronics and computers missing, to the tune of $20,000. The incident occurred in the last two weeks.

In the 21700 block of Ocean Vista Drive, a refrigerator, washer/dryer, dishwasher, and microwave were removed.

Though the incidents are not related, neighbors are once again encouraged that if you see something, say something.

DUI Arrests

Andrew Hatami, 57, San Diego – Sunday, May 28 With a Prior

Donna Marie Nolfi, 49, San Clemente – Sunday

Michelle Lynn Barker, 25, Aliso Viejo – Sunday Third Offense

Collin Michael Kelley, 39, Los Angeles – Sunday 


Incident Reports

Tuesday, May 30

Forest Avenue | 400 Block | Warrant

6:02 a.m. Neilesh Bhikhu Chauhan, 46, Mission Viejo, was arrested on an outstanding Harbor Court warrant. 

Monday, May 29

Arrests for Being Drunk in Public

Andrew Barber, 31, Dana Point

Brian Szafran, 47, no fixed address

Coast Hwy & West Street | Domestic Violence

6:28 p.m. Tyler Kocheff, 26, Lake Balboa, and Mario Gonzales, Los Angeles, were both arrested for domestic violence. 

Laguna Canyon Road & El Toro Road | Stolen Vehicle

2:33 p.m. Two minors were detained and released to their parents for driving a stolen vehicle. A juvenile detective is conducting a follow-up investigation. 

Cress Street | 100 Block | Drugs

3:22 a.m. Curtis Vaughan Revels, 21, Laguna Beach, was arrested for possession of narcotics with $500 bail. 

Sunday, May 28

Monterey Street | 31300 Block | Domestic Violence

10:34 p.m. Casey Christian Marks, 41, Laguna Beach, was arrested for domestic violence with $10,000 bail. 

Forest Avenue | 200 Block | Petty Theft

1:23 p.m. T-shirts worth $40 were stolen. 

Glenneyre Street | 800 Block | Petty Theft

8:27 a.m. A suspect stole $200 in coffee, water, and other miscellaneous items. 

Saturday, May 27

Arrests for Being Drunk in Public

Heide Lynn How, 40, San Marcos

Jody Morrison Stevens, 29, Laguna Beach

Laguna Canyon Road & El Toro Road | Stolen Vehicle

11:59 p.m. Occupants of a stolen Nissan Altima were detained. The driver, Miguel Sanchez, 19, Orange, was arrested for vehicle theft, possession of drug paraphernalia, and giving false identification to an officer. 

Laguna Canyon Road | 20600 Block | Trespassing, Violating Post-Release Supervision

6:44 p.m. Amber Kristen Castillo, 39, Stephenie Koivuniemi, 39, and Malak Harris, 34, all no fixed address, were arrested for trespassing. In addition, Jermaine Sterling, 32, no fixed address, was arrested for the same charge plus a flash hold for violating post-release supervision. 

Coast Hwy | 31100 Block | Bicycle Accident

4:20 p.m. A bicyclist was transported for a head injury after he somersaulted over his bike going too fast.

Police Files

“Smashed window” car thief grabs goods worth $5,000

On Monday afternoon, a burglar smashed the windows of a Mercedes parked in the 200 block of High Drive – different from the usual MO of stealing items from unlocked cars. A suitcase with $5,000 worth of clothing was stolen from the car, which belonged to the visiting friend of a resident.

“We have had quite a few thefts from unlocked vehicles,” said Sgt. James Cota, LBPD spokesperson. “It’s an easy crime of opportunity.”

“With summer approaching and many visitors coming to town, citizens have to lock their vehicles and their residences,” Cota urged.

But he reminded people that even locked cars can be subject to crime, and that it is important to be aware of suspicious behavior. 

“Remember, if you see something, say something,” Cota added.

Woman gives TV the brush-off, goes to jail

Officers were called to the ASL on Monday morning to remove a woman who was not allowed to be on the property.

When they got there, she had done more than trespass.

According to the police log, 10 witnesses confirmed that Sarah Beach, no fixed address, had used a broom to break the flat screen TV that belongs to the shelter.

Beach was arrested for trespassing and felony vandalism. Bail was set at $20,000.

DUI Arrests

Chelsea Elder, 34, Dana Point – Saturday, May 27

Jonathan Paul Balderas, 27, Laguna Beach – Saturday 

Ashley Lauren Flaum, 32, Costa Mesa – Friday, May 26 

Cole Matthew Galvin, 27, Los Angeles – Friday

He was also arrested for possession of narcotics and drug paraphernalia.

Joshua Czajkowski, 31, Costa Mesa – Thursday, May 25


Incident Reports

Friday, May 26

Saint Anns Drive | 300 Block | Warrant, Illegal Lodging

11:21 p.m. Joanne Wolfe Rich, 63, no fixed address, was arrested on an outstanding Harbor Court warrant and for illegal lodging. 

S. Coast Hwy | 1100 Block | Drugs

10:16 p.m. Stephanie Rachel Duhamel, 25, Dana Point, was arrested for possession of narcotics. Ali Kattan, 31, Laguna Niguel, was arrested for the same charge plus possession of drug paraphernalia. 

S. Coast Hwy | 1300 Block | Petty Theft

8:38 p.m. A guitar was stolen. 

Glenneyre Street | 300 Block | Contempt of Court

10:39 a.m. Amber Castillo, 39, Laguna Beach, was arrested for disobeying a court order after being on premises where she was not allowed. Bail was $15,000. 

S. Coast Hwy | 1800 Block | Burglary

10:07 a.m. Cash was taken from a register overnight. The RP has the suspects on video. 

Forest Avenue | 400 Block | Vandalism

8:51 a.m. Manhole covered were graffitied. 

Thursday, May 25

Y Place | 300 Block | Warrant

6:10 p.m. Sean Patrick Minney, 28, Laguna Beach, was arrested on a $500 Harbor Court warrant for being drunk in public. 

Cleo Street | 200 Block | Burglary, Vehicle

3:34 p.m. The RP witnessed a man smash the window to their BMW and take a wallet and bag. The suspect fled to Coast Hwy and was not located. 

Laguna Canyon Road & NB 73 | Traffic Crash

3:02 p.m. A two-vehicle collision resulted in one party injured. 

Wednesday, May 24

S. Coast Hwy & Nyes Place | Stolen Vehicle

4:51 p.m. A 2000 Ford ZX2 was stolen that morning. The driver, a 16-year-old boy, was arrested for vehicle theft.  

N. Coast Hwy & Ledroit Street | Stolen Vehicle

3:57 p.m. Officers pursued a stolen car to El Toro Road and Tanager Lane. The driver, Isidro Rojas Jr., 23, Santa Ana, was arrested for vehicle theft with $20,000 bail. 

Broadway Street | 400 Block | Petty Theft

10:55 a.m. A mobile hotspot worth $350 was stolen.

Police Files

Identity stolen, car rented, then car stolen

Last week, a victim of identity theft reported that fraudulent accounts had been opened in his name and used to rent a vehicle, which had not been returned. 

On Thursday at 8:11 a.m., officers were alerted to a stolen vehicle inbound on Laguna Canyon Road – the same vehicle that had been rented in the victim’s name.

Officers stopped the vehicle and detained the two occupants. The driver, John Elton Aguirre, 42, Santa Ana, was arrested for vehicle theft as well as various fraud related charges.

The case is being investigated by LBPD Detectives.

Police Files

Paddleboarder saves friend’s life at Moss Street Beach

On Sunday at 10:17 a.m. at Moss Street Beach, Laguna Beach police received numerous 911 calls about a man yelling for help in the ocean. Due to the fog that morning, none of the callers could see the man.

“Two friends were paddle boarding when one of them went down for an unknown reason,” said Sgt. James Cota of the LBPD. 

The man brought the woman to shore and provided CPR. According to the police log, the woman was in full cardiac arrest, but began breathing at 10:35 a.m.

Mercy Air was called to transport the woman to the hospital. According to a GoFundMe page set up for her, she suffered a seizure due to a brain tumor. She is currently under sedation in the ICU.

Police Files

Drone drives resident to distraction – and worse

Drones are a contentious topic, and on Friday, one resident in the 1300 block of Skyline Drive decided to take matters into his own hands – literally.

“After a thorough investigation, officers found a resident had taken a drone that belonged to a professional videographer, who was filming for real estate purposes,” said LBPD spokesperson Sgt. James Cota. “The citizen refused to give it back to the owner.”

According to the police log, the man also punched the videographer, who declined medical attention. 

Eventually, officers were able to get the man to come out of the house with the now-damaged drone.

Joshua Radwan, 36, Laguna Beach, was arrested for robbery and transported to Orange County Jail.

Cliff Drive burglary foiled

On Saturday evening, a neighbor reported a woman sitting on a doorstep and pounding on the door of a residence in the 1000 block of Cliff Drive. 

Officers arrived at the scene and detained the woman and her companion.

According to Sgt. James Cota of the LBPD, “They were in the process of stealing items from the residence.”

Marcela Encarnacion, 45, Long Beach, and Arnoldo Chavez, 49, Norwalk, were both arrested for residential burglary. Additionally, Chavez was arrested on an outstanding warrant from Merced County for vandalism, resisting, and battery.

Man spits at officers during arrest

Officers responded on Friday night to Main Beach following a report of assault. After making contact with the two men involved, it was determined that Daniel Del Rosario, 24, no fixed address, was the aggressor.

“While officers attempted to arrest Del Rosario, he spat at an officer but missed,” said Sgt. James Cota, LBPD spokesperson. “Aside from being charged with assault, additional charges were added for assault on a police officer.”

Del Rosario was taken to Orange County Jail and held with $20,000 bail.

DUI Arrests

None this period


Incident Reports

Tuesday, May 16

San Nicholas Court | 400 Block | Burglary

9:14 p.m. Between May 9 and 16, an unknown suspect attempted entry to a residence. The owner found cuts to the front door, locks, garage door, and dents to both garage doors. 

Nyes Place | 500 Block | Fraud

3:21 p.m. An unknown suspect tried to open accounts in the RP’s name.  

Moorea Way | 1300 Block | Trespassing 

2:56 p.m. An unknown person slept inside the RP’s guest house and broke some items. A burglary is not suspected. 

Monday, May 15

Arrests for Being Drunk in Public

Judith Maureen Doner, 75, Costa Mesa

Curtis Abbott, 52, no fixed address

Glenneyre Street | 1900 Block | Missing Person

10:10 p.m. A man was reported missing; he left a home around 7 p.m. and was last seen in a vehicle going southbound on Coast Highway from Aliso. 

Coast Hwy | 30800 Block | Drinking in Public

7:55 a.m. Alexander Anderson Harris, 67, was arrested for drinking in public. Bail was $500. 

Sunday, May 14

Glenneyre Street | 800 Block | Warrants

6:25 p.m. Terry Sanders, 39, no fixed address, was arrested on three Harbor Court warrants: one for Newport Beach municipal code violations, one for illegal lodging, and one for being drunk in public. 

Coast Hwy | 30800 Block | Lost Property

2:05 p.m. The RP’s wife left three rings valued at $60,000 in a restroom. When she returned after an unspecified amount of time, they were missing.

Police Files

Bicyclist vs vehicle results in broken collarbone

A bicyclist was treated for a broken collarbone on Monday morning after being hit by a vehicle at Coast Highway and Broadway.

“The vehicle and bicyclist were heading northbound on Coast Highway when the vehicle turned in front of the bicyclist to make a right turn onto Broadway,” explained Sgt. Jim Cota, LBPD spokesperson.

A witness called 911 and tended to the bicyclist until emergency personnel arrived. 

Nails used in possible attempt to poison a tree

A resident in the 1000 block of Cortez realized on Tuesday that a series of nails had been hammered into the base of a tree on her property, possibly in an attempt by an unknown suspect to poison it.

According to the police log, the RP stated that she did not know of any possible motive, especially because the only view the tree blocks is her own. 

Mountain bikes stolen from business

On Monday afternoon, a business in the 31100 block of Coast Highway reported that two black and orange mountain bikes were stolen.

The suspect, who was caught on video, was described as a white man in his late 40s or early 50s with blonde hair wearing a green and blue striped collared shirt. 

The total loss was estimated to be $10,000.


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