What exactly is going on at our City Hall?

The blue and white city bus that goes south to the Ritz Carlton and Salt Creek Parksix days a week also stops at Gelson’s, CVS and other shops & restaurants saving seniors and others a long walk from Blue Lagoon’sbus stop (a quarter of a mile walk) or up the stairway at Wesley in addition to dropping off seniors at the back entrance on Wesley who may live in the 70+ apartments at Vista Aliso. 

This bus also stops at the front door of Mission Hospital, saving seniors and others the walk up the steep hill to the front door of the hospital. On its way back to downtown it stops at the Community Center and Susi Q, which saves participants at the center a walk from Laguna Avenue or the bus terminal. High students ride this bus, but so do workers, visitors, locals and seniors. It is an important service of the OCTA subsidized Laguna Beach transit system. 

The Sally’s van picks up many residents who live at Vista Aliso senior housing and takes them to the Susi Q senior center. In addition it picks up other seniors all over town and takes them to classes, movies, bingo, senior lunch, ping pong, etc. etc. at the center and goes each week to Trader Joe’s, the 99 cent store, Target and Walmart. These seniors are not getting younger. Using Uber is a joke. The city’s taxi voucher program didn’t work and neither will an Uber program. 

It is preposterous to think the City would cut back trolley or bus service to the Ritz Carltonand Salt Creek Park because too many people want to go and return to Laguna Beach from that destination. Some people want to get out of town, visit a beautiful county beach, connect with trolleys going to San Juan and Dana Point or visit and possibly stay overnight at the Ritz.

The three trolleys running up to Top of the World, Bluebird Canyon and Arch Beach Heights are running empty or with one or two people on many “loops.” 

If any service is cut back, it should be this service.Most people who live inthese neighborhoods think it›s an expensive joke and a waste of the City andOCTA›S measure M money which people voted in favor of in 2005. 

If you want to find out quick how bungled the transit management is, try calling the city’s transit # 497 0746. Like much of City Hall, the transit department has seen a constant turnover of managers the past few years. What exactly is going on at our City Hall?

Roger Carter

Laguna Beach

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