Bluebird Music in the Park: Did Scott spot you? Check out his gallery to find out…

Photos by Scott Brashier

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Trumpeting the fun of Bluebird

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Happy crowd at Music in the Park

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Bluebird loyalists Bill Topaz, Jeff Gufarotti, Mady Gufarotti, Shawn Haydel, Adam Gufarotti and Denise Topaz


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Another fabulous shot by one of the young photographers of Frothy Films

Frothy Films is a group made up of friends who love to have fun and take photographs and edits. We are an extreme team that does crazy stuff,” Michael Tanaka (17) tells Stu News. “We all have been friends with each other for a long time and one day decided why not start a team of ocean lovers?

“We chose the name Frothy because of the meaning. Frothy is light and entertaining, always making it fun. Since summer just started we will meet up daily to get surf and sunset shots and most importantly have fun!” 

Team members include Michael Tanaka, 17, Josh Tanaka, 14, Danny Huffman, 15, Luke Carter, 14, Austin Plank, 13, Bobby Schwartz, 13, Raphael Ortzin, 14, and Michael Cox,15.

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Photo by Josh Tanaka (Michael Tanaka riding)

Mayor Toni Iseman is on a crusade, wants remedies to congestion

Mayor Toni Iseman will ask the City Council to direct City Manager John Pietig to research and report back on ways to reduce congestion on city streets.

Iseman considers congestion a blight on residents and businesses. She cites efforts made by the council to improve the flow of traffic, such as trolley service, peripheral parking lots, the development of a parking management plan and the use of personnel to control traffic.

“Much has been done, but there are more steps to help address the crushing problem,” stated Iseman. 

Specifically, Iseman wants Pietig to come up with some options to reduce congestion due to commercial food and beverage delivery, including increased enforcement and restricting deliveries to certain hours.

Iseman also wants the fine to match the crime and has asked amounts to be varied depending on the violation.

Thirdly, Iseman wants Pietig to produce options to reduce congestion; the city’s carbon footprint associated with construction, including expanding current staging plans; implementing haul routes for excavating and grading; requiring certified documentation of brake inspections and addressing the impact of excessive excavating.

By Barbara Diamond

Council to consider support for Mayors’ Climate Action Plan


There are 158 signatories to the Paris Climate Agreement.

Some folks in Laguna would like the city to be among them. However, there is no mechanism for state or local governments to join, so council will be asked on Tuesday to consider city support for the goals of the Mayors’ National Climate Action Agenda.

The mayors’ agenda is in response to President Trump’s withdrawal of the United States from the Paris Agreement following a meeting held this summer in Europe.

Laguna has had a Climate Protection Action Plan since 2009. It was updated in 2012.

The plan includes recommendations to reduce energy use by the city government and the community, promote green building practices and encourage alternate transportation options.

City recommendations are in line with the Paris Agreement, which aims to strengthen global response to climate change by keeping the world’s temperature no higher than 3.6 degrees Fahrenheit above pre-industrial levels. 

The agreement is voluntary and within the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.

Tuesday’s hearing will include an update on actions taken by the city to further the goals of its action plan.

Staff listed 26 actions, ranging from requiring a cover on swimming pools to prevent evaporation and requiring Waste Management to use compressed gas vehicles to service Laguna Beach; to installing low-flow toilets in public buildings and bike paths through town.   

Additionally the city’s Environmental Sustainability Committee is working on a two-year plan on projects that include increased mapping of environmental resources, organizing a public information display on the impacts of the rising sea levels on Main Beach, development of a lecture series on a sustainability and the environment and organization of an event to encourage reuse and recycling.


Aaron John Eagle

September 22, 1993 – July 18, 2017

Aaron John Eagle, 23, of Laguna Beach, California, went home to be with our Lord, July 18, 2017, after overcoming lifelong learning disabilities and the struggle to endure living with a seizure disorder, which took a great toll on his quality of life. Despite these odds Aaron lived a full life, and was admired for exceeding all expectations beyond the limitations of the restrictions in which he functioned. 

He was born September 22, 1993 in Laguna Hills, CA to John and Taffy Eagle. Aaron graduated from Laguna Beach High School in 2012. He loved sports. Growing up in Laguna Beach he played Little League baseball, AYSO soccer, and high school football on both Frosh/Soph and Varsity teams. He then attended Chadron State College (CSC) in Chadron, Nebraska. He was one semester shy of receiving his Bachelor of Arts degree in History with a Minor in English. 

He was very active in many college clubs at CSC, including the Social Sciences Club, Christian “Revive” club, and the Christian Chi Alpha fraternity. He was also a member of an English fraternity by having straight A’s. He played on the college rugby team, and held an executive position on the campus activities board (CAB) at Chadron State College. Aaron had planned to obtain a post-baccalaureate degree in Education and a Master’s degree in History, with goals to be a historian, educator, writer of historical documentaries and historical fiction, go on archaeological dig’s, be a curator of a museum, and Aaron always dreamed BIG. 

Everyone who knew Aaron was amazed at his encyclopedic mind, and wealth of knowledge in whatever interest he had a passion for. Aaron loved and was very well-loved by his college community, and his church family at New Covenant Church of the Nazarene in Chadron, as well as high school friends and church family in Laguna Beach, Little Church By the Sea. 

Aaron will be missed greatly by the Eagle family, and his friends, with great admiration for the uniquely loving, and blessed, treasured gift he was to us all. We give much thanks to God for the time in which we were given to enjoy him.

His Celebration of Life memorial service will be at 11 a.m. on Saturday, August 12 at Little Church By the Sea, 468 Legion Street, Laguna Beach.

Pastor Jay Grant and Rev Jeff Tacklind will officiate. 

All are welcome to attend. 

Reception will follow immediately after at church patio and fellowship hall.

Dennis’ Tidbits


August 4, 2017

Our unusually high humidity is due to summer monsoons

Saturday will mark the exact midpoint of summer. Dew points on Wednesday here in town were as high as 73 degrees, a number that is rarely reached around here. Normally our dew point is in the 50’s, a comfortable level. The unusually high dew points are compliments of the summer monsoons that are paying a visit to most of Southern California. Some of our desert communities really got blasted today by some strong to severe thunderstorms. August is the ripe time for that kind of atmospheric dramatics around here.

We’re still waiting for a sizeable south swell this season. Right now the Eastern Pacific tropics are quiet and Southern Hemisphere lows just aren’t tracking in the right direction. They’re moving straight east which flings swells at South and Central America and Southern Mexico. They need to move ENE to send their wave energy all the way up here but there’s a big high pressure ridge between the Equator and the Roaring 40’s storm belt preventing these lows from tracking to the ENE. 

Ever since the turn of the century epic summers have been hard to come by. The 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s were a lot more consistent. There really hasn’t been an epic summer since 1997. I’ve got the records to prove it. Me and Spyder Wills have been keeping track of this stuff for over 50 years. Maybe it’s all part of climate change.

August of 1959 was a definite payback for the banner summer of 1958. A La Nina event was in full swing and the drop in quality weather and surf showed just that. Over half the month was gloomy and the water was chilly, averaging only in the mid 60’s. There were no Baja swells and only two lackluster Southern Hemi swells.

August of 1960 was fair with 68 degree water and an unusually high occurrence of NW wind swells. There was a good sized Southern Hemi in the middle of the month and a couple of decent Baja swells during the second half of the month

My computer is about to do a lengthy update so I better stop here. 

Have a great weekend, ALOHA!


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