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October 3, 2017

Santa Ana winds, high heat, soaking rain, wildfires, thunderstorms (in ‘81, 17 hours of continuous thunder!): Octobers have seen it all 

Well Stu, once again our Angels down hre on Planet Earth don’t get to go to the party, missing a chance to advance to the postseason by only about four or five games, finishing the regular season with an 80-82 record falling short of the second wild card spot. 

Despite missing over a quarter of the season Mike Trout still put up some great numbers hitting 32 homers which would’ve panned out to 40 or thereabouts if he had played the entire season. He’ll be in the mix for American League MVP but I think he’ll finish around fourth or fifth in total votes, which will be the first time in his seven year career that he didn’t win the thing or be runner up. It’s too bad he’s playing for a mediocre team year in and year out. I know the Angels are always our team, Stu. I know you hate our crosstown team, the Dodgers, but once again they’re going to the party as they won their division by ten games and posted the best regular season record in baseball with a record of 103-59.

Now it’s October and just about anything can happen during the course of our tenth month. Some of our hottest days have occurred in October including several occasions when it reached 100 degrees, like in 1958, 1961, 1971, and 1987. It’s a ripe month for thunderstorm activity with one or more occurring at least every other year on the average, the most notable ones on October 10, 1958, October 25, 26, 1966, October 4,5,6, 1983 and the best one on October 1, 1981 with 17 hours of continuous thunder and October 3, 2005 with a solid four hours of spectacular lightning. 

Our first rain of any consequence usually arrives from the north Pacific but average October rainfall is just shy of a half inch although we’ve had a smattering of some real soakers like in 1958 with nearly two inches from strong thunderstorms from an upper level cut off low that camped out just off Laguna and Orange County. Then in 1983 we got a generous 1.75 inches from some thunderstorms early in the month. 

On Halloween in 1996 we got a good soaker with 1.75 inches but the real capper came in October of 2004 when a record 6.57 inches fell from two separate atmospheric rivers. That 2004-05 season produced our second wettest season on record in Laguna with 34.32 inches, second only to the 37.27 inches from the mega El Nino season of 1997-98.

Our Santana wind season usually gets under way in early October producing some of our hottest weather on record, but some of the most destructive wildfires have occurred in October with the Bel Air firestorm in late October, and Laguna’s horrible event on October 27, 1993 when we lost 435 homes.

So anyhow, our average high for October is 73-75 and our average low is 58-60. Our hottest October days were 101 in 1958, 1971, and 1987. Our coldest October night was 35 on October 14, 1960. Normal October ocean temps are about 64-66 with our warmest at 73 in 1997 and our coldest of 58 in 1978. Average rainfall is about a half inch with our wettest of 6.57 in 2004. Had enough? Me too! 

See y’all on Friday, ALOHA!

Author Paul Freeman visits Laguna Beach Books to discuss his book Stop, Go, Murder on Oct 8

On Sunday, Oct 8 at 4 p.m., Laguna Beach Books welcomes local author Paul Freeman, who will be discussing his novel, Stop, Go, Murder, a story of murder, blackmail, and gangsters. This suspenseful journey takes the reader from California to Florida, and from Washington DC to a southern swampland, while masterfully interweaving the lives of the diverse characters in a race against time. 

When a struggling ex-gangster discovers that his former boss has been murdered, he hatches a blackmail scheme, then targets possible suspects. And the race is on: he must complete his rounds before the killer is caught by a detective who lately sees his life, and his current case, as a bad game of Go, the ancient game of strategy and his obsession.

Click on photo for larger image

Submitted photo

Paul Freeman, author of Stop, Go, Murder

From the California Riviera to the underside of south Florida, from the nation’s capital to a Georgia swampland, separate lives are entangled: old school pals, boutique information brokers, the detective and the ex-gangster, who, despite his faults, has pearls of wisdom for everyone, even his victims. The awkward, erudite detective finally pegs a charismatic all-night donut café owner as the one who holds the key - not to solving the case; to unlocking his dormant heart.

Stop, Go, Murder is Paul Freeman’s first novel. After graduating with a liberal arts degree from the University of Virginia, in Charlottesville, Paul lived and worked in Washington, DC until early 1987, when he relocated to Laguna Beach.

Story of blackmail, murder, and a race against time

In his varied career, he’s worked on Capitol Hill, on presidential campaigns, for a Nobel Peace Prize laureate, as an international elections observer, and mainly as a strategist and project manager for diverse corporations, non-profits and public agencies, mostly in the US and in Africa and Asia. 

Among Paul’s employers and clients have been former senator and presidential hopeful Gary Hart, Henry and Elizabeth Segerstrom, University of California, and the United State Agency for International Development. 

In 1994 and again in 1998, Paul was elected to the Laguna Beach City Council. He served two terms as mayor. He is also formerly a school board member in Fairfax County, VA.

Laguna Beach books is located at 1200 S Coast Hwy. For more information, go to

ALLB chooses Carrie Joyce as its new president

Carrie Joyce was installed as the new President of Assistance League Laguna Beach earlier this year at El Niguel Country Club.  She joined this organization as a working professional in 2004 and was thrilled to be a member because her mother was a past president of Assistance League Santa Paula. 

Carrie was impressed with the extensive and important philanthropies supported by the Assistance League Chapters across the nation. She brings extensive experience to the world of nonprofit management, as she has been president of many philanthropic organizations, including the Ebell Club of Laguna Beach.

Submitted photo

ALLB president Carrie Joyce

As a member of the Assistance League for more than thirteen years, she has been Public Relations Chairman and First Vice President Membership. She is also a familiar face to many as she worked for the City of Laguna Beach in the Police Department for eight and a half years, and started the Neighborhood Watch Program. She worked eighteen and a half years in the Fire Department. 

Carrie and her late husband, Bill Joyce, met at a friend’s son’s wedding, where he entertained Carrie with his stories about working on the Delta Rocket as an aeronautical engineer at Douglas. 

Carrie enjoys gardening, her walking group, tennis, is an avid backpacker and hiker, and has traveled to over eighty countries during the last thirty-two years.  She loves the ocean and learned to surf at San Onofre.  She has enjoyed running on the beach three times a week until she turned sixty... Now it is walking she enjoys! 

She enjoys the camaraderie shared at the Laguna Beach Assistance League and likes the hands-on opportunities and committee work to support its many programs and philanthropies. Carrie intends on informing the Laguna community about what the Assistance League is and what it does, and looks to increase support and increase communications.  

Carrie also envisions expanding the Early Intervention Program (EIP) into other Assistance League chapters, because there is such a huge need for helping children with learning disabilities.  She wants to “Transform Lives and Strengthen Community.”  

Her mission statement is  “No act of kindness is wasted.”

Come see what the buzz is about bees: Josie Goodenow speaks at Garden Club on Oct 13

On Fri, Oct 13, Josie Goodenow, California Garden Clubs Inc. and California Consultants Council Chairman, educates Laguna Beach Garden Club members on “All About Bees.” The meeting begins with a social get-together at 9:30 a.m., followed by the General Meeting at 10 a.m. The public is welcome, there is no charge for guests on a first visit.

Josie’s program will cover the differences between native bees (specifically the Blue Orchard Mason Bee) and the European honeybee, and how to increase the bee populations and improve the health of one’s yard.

Josie Goodenow has served as bee chairperson for the California Garden Clubs Inc. since 2014. In this capacity, she has provided programs on these fascinating pollinators throughout the state. There are many differences between the European honeybee and native bees, specifically the Blue Orchard Mason Bee. These gentle solitary bees can be raised in our backyard to increase the bee population and improve the health of neighborhood plants and trees. 

Click on photo for larger image

Submitted photo

Josie Goodenow, Bee Chairman, California Garden Clubs Inc.

When Josie retired in 2008, she joined the Garden Club, and became President in 2009, then District Director of Golden Foothills District in 2011. She accepted the Bee Chairman position with the CGCI and Pacific Region in 2014, and has given bee programs in several areas of the state.

The Laguna Beach Garden Club meets on the second Friday of every month, Sept through May at the Laguna Presbyterian Church, 415 Forest Ave. Before or after the meeting, attendees may browse the outdoor “Garden Boutique” where donated garden-related items and plants can be purchased at “dirt-cheap” prices. Fantastic garden gloves only $7/pair. Parking: Free in the Laguna Canyon Rd lot (spaces 300-422) or $3 for all day in spaces 185-228. 

For more information on the garden club:

Rainbow Radio: Views of every hue from the LGBT community are aired weekly; hosted by Craig Cooley

Rainbow Radio, a new weekly KX 93.5 FM radio show hosted by Craig Cooley, who is also the manager of Main Street Bar & Cabaret, airs on Saturday mornings between 9 and 10 a.m. and is also available on podcast. 

“As the POA and co-owner of Main Street Bar, my brother James and I couldn’t be happier for Craig and his new endeavor. Though [Craig] is still very Main Street I have only encouraged him to pursue this opportunity! I feel the new radio show will further support the LGBT community for all those that it reaches,” Wendy Nelson was quick to note about Craig’s new gig.

“There’s no other beach city with this strong connection to the arts, and so much of its character is a result of contributions from gay people in the arts, theatre, restaurants, architecture, everything, over decades in our thriving community,” Craig Cooley says.  

“While Rainbow Radio wants to represent the history and tremendous and intrinsic contributions that the local LGBT community has contributed over the years to Laguna’s culture, it also, perhaps most importantly, wants to be a vibrant part of Laguna Beach’s future – to support, entertain, and inform the community. 

“It is the hope that the program is a major ‘value added’ part and thriving proponent of what Laguna Beach has to offer as a home for many and a shining star on the Pacific Ocean for the year-round visitors to our fair city to enjoy as much as we do.” 

The show’s first featured guest was Chris Tebbutt, member of the Laguna Beach LGBT Culture & Heritage Committee and the driving force behind the City’s proclamation of June as Gay Culture & Heritage Month.

“I was so honored and excited to be Craig’s first guest,” Tebbutt says. “It’s part of the wave of enthusiasm that is happening here in Laguna for the outward expression of love, diversity and inclusion in our town. To me, the “rainbow” represents all, not just the LGBT community. It includes all colors, and just what our beloved city of Laguna Beach embraces.” 

Submitted photo

Chris Tebbutt being interviewed by Craig Cooley

During the show, Tebbutt recalled how he first met Craig, to ask if they could hold a Parents’ Night Out at Main Street Bar & Grill. 

“We got to talking about ‘bringing the gay back in Laguna’ and, next thing you know, we are meeting with the Mayor talking about a Proclamation at City Hall,” Tebbutt says. 

“We also discussed some of the work being done by the Laguna Beach LGBT Heritage & Culture Committee, including an art exhibit scheduled in City Hall for July-August 2018, of photographic portraits of LGBT residents who died of HIV or AIDS; participation in the Patriots Day Parade by the Laguna Beach LGBT Heritage & Culture Committee; and how to work with LBUSD to ensure schools have the resources implemented to welcome and respect our LGBT community.” 

Founder of KX93.5, Tyler Russell, adds, “As Laguna’s only radio station, it’s important to us to be inclusive and representative of every person in town, and we’re thrilled at the opportunity to give a voice to this community, which is such an important part of Laguna’s history.”

Stu News asked Craig if he had ever hosted a radio show before.

“While I have hosted many events, moderated panels, and have a long list of public speaking, no, never specifically as a radio host/announcer,” Craig said. “Although as a young boy growing up, it was a dream that somehow got moved to the side, so you could say that I am realizing my childhood dream decades years later!”

He says the most challenging aspect of the job is getting the technical o operation of the equipment down, the music and program content lined up and ready to go – but he is learning fast... 

“I absolutely love interviewing guests, I love to get their perspective on many things, career-wise and personal, get to the heart of what is going on locally and culturally; for me, the “human element” is the best part of the job,” Craig adds. 

Ultimate goal: A global audience

“I want the program to become a strong and proud voice of the entire community that reaches global audience. One that provokes thought, informs, entertains, and brings a proud and inclusive community together. Beyond that, I would like it to be so successful that it garners widespread syndicated distribution. I may have to work really hard on that part!”

Last Saturday, the program hosted Tony Nunez, small business entrepreneur/dance teacher and a former national salsa finalist, and Chance McKee, director of annual giving for the AIDS Services Foundation.

Other programming for the weekly Rainbow Radio show will include a featured artist and the ever-fabulous Endora, who will stop by the station to offer her cheeky advice now and again.

Listen online at or tune in to Laguna’s own KX 93.5 every Saturday morning from 9 10 a.m. to listen to Rainbow Radio. Visit for more information or

Skipper sculpture is proposed to celebrate his unique place in Laguna’s history: Fundraiser on Oct 13

Forest and Ocean Gallery artist Randy Morgan, along with Skipper fans, are proposing the creation of a bronze life-size sculpture monument of Skipper Carrillo, along with a plaque, telling the Skipper story and honoring his unique place in Laguna Beach High School history.

The “Have a home run day” monument will honor this inspirational character and consolidate his place in the community and Laguna lore. 

Click on photo for a larger image

Photo by Mary Hurlbut

Skipper Carillo in his “dugout”

Funding for the monument will come from private donations.

Randy Morgan says, «I’m honored to be the artist to create the life-sized bronze monument sculpture of our beloved Skipper entitled Have a Home Run Day to honor his life and legend and his place in Laguna lore as one of Laguna Beach’s most beloved characters. 

“The sculpture will be created in bronze classic old world style, chosen patina, and will capture the smiling Skipper, waving his arms and yelling his mantra...”Have a home run day” (how many times have we seen him do it!). A donor plaque, and a plaque telling Skipper’s life story, will also be placed at the site, fulfilling a promise made to Skipper and his family to create the monument.”

Forest & Ocean Gallery will host a fundraising party on Friday, Oct 13, from 6 - 9 p.m. Skipper and his sister Alicia will be present. The intended location of the monument will be announced at the event.

There will be “thank you” gifts for all donations.

Contact Forest & Ocean Gallery for more details. The Gallery is located at

480 Ocean Ave. (949)371-3313

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