LBHS-LOCA student banners: big, bold, & botanical

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Photos by Adrienne Helitzer

LBHS students working on their banners

An exhibit of banners by Laguna Beach High School students will be on exhibit at Forest and Ocean Gallery downtown May 18 - 21. 

A free public reception will take place May 18 from 5-8 p.m.

The banners are a project of the Arts in Schools program, presented by LOCA Arts Education. LOCA coordinator Sherry Bullard organized the workshop with LBHS Art Teacher Bridget Porter. 

Students learned to use dyes to paint on silk as led by clothing expert Olivia Batchelder. More than 20 students created banners, each measuring an impressive 60 inches in length, under a botanical theme.

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Instructor Olivia Batchelder

Attendees at the reception will include Ms. Batchelder, the student artists, and representatives of the Festival of Arts Foundation, which funded the program to LOCA. Forest and Ocean Gallery is at 480 Ocean Ave. Call (949) 371-3313  or visit

LBHS Track and Field teams did well in OCL Finals

Boys Team results: 1. Godinez 228, 2. Laguna Beach 181, 3. Saddleback 98, 4. Costa Mesa 88, 5. Estancia 67, 6. Calvary Chapel 18

100: 1. Harrell (Godinez) 11.65, 2. Frazier (Calvary Chapel) 11.67, 3. Tran-Nguyen (Costa Mesa) 11.69

200: 1. Harrell (Godinez) 23.29, 2. Tran-Nguyen (Costa Mesa) 23.46, 3. Pacheco (Estancia) 23.99

400: 1. Moriarty (Laguna Beach) 52.56, 2. Godinez (Saddleback) 52.95, 3. Jasso (Godinez) 53.10

800: 1. Aguilar (Costa Mesa) 2:02. 67, 2. Paredes (Godinez) 2:03.35, 3. Pena (Costa Mesa) 2:03.67

1,600: 1. Paredes (Godinez) 4:30.02, 2. Falkowski (Laguna Beach) 4:31.41, 3. Fisher (Laguna Beach) 4:31.81

3,200: 1. Fisher (Laguna Beach) 10:14.14, 2. Falkowski (Laguna Beach) 10:25.10, 3. Garcia (Godinez) 10;25.92

110 HH: 1. Moriarty (Laguna Beach) 16.96, 2. Ramirez (Godinez) 17.78, 3. Ceballos (Saddleback) 18.15

300 IH: 1. Moriarty (Laguna Beach) 42.08, 2. Jimenez (Saddleback) 42.57, 3. Ramirez (Godinez) 42.88

400 relay: 1. Godinez 44.57, 2. Saddleback 45.33, 3. Laguna Beach 46.06

1,600 relay:  1. Costa Mesa 3:33.60, 2. Laguna Beach 3:35.22, 3. Godinez 3:35.67

HJ: 1. Onodera (Laguna Beach) 5-10, 2. Villalpando (Costa Mesa) 5-10, 3. Ball (Laguna Beach) 5-6

LJ: 1. McMorris (Godinez) 20-5, 2. Anderson (Laguna Beach) 19-6.5, 3. Ramirez (Godinez) 19-5

TJ: 1. Coretllessa (Laguna Beach) 38-7, 2. Urquiza (Saddleback) 37-2, 3. Romero (Godinez) 36-7.5

SP: 1. Enciso (Estancia) 42-5, 2. Herrera (Saddleback) 42-3, 3. Manuel (Godinez) 41-9

DT: 1. Castillo (Estancia) 118-8, 2. Enciso (Estancia) 114-1, 3. Segovia (Costa Mesa) 113-1.5

Girls Team Results 1. Laguna Beach 239, 2. Godinez 157, 3. Saddleback 99, 4. Costa Mesa 67, 5. Estancia 46, 6. Calvary Chapel 38

100: 1. Auguis (Laguna Beach) 13.16, 2. Martinez (Saddleback) 13.17, 3. Cruz (Estancia) 13.38

200: 2. Auguis (Laguna Beach) 27.29, 2. Martinez (Saddleback) 27.44, 3. Diaz (Godinez) 28.59

400: 1. Ocegueda (Saddleback) 1:03.58, 2. Diaz (Godinez) 1:04.26, 3. Lopez (Godinez) 1:04.87

800: 1. Cohn (Laguna Beach) 2:27.49, 2. Garduno (Estancia) 2:27.75, 3. Helms (Laguna Beach) 2:29.72

1,600: 1. Cant (Laguna Beach) 5:22.30, 2. Radmilovich (Calvary Chapel) 5:22.38, 3. Avendano (Godinez) 5:29.32

3,200: 1. Radmilovich (Calvary Chapel) 11:26.41, 2. Cant (Laguna Beach) 11:27.40, 3. Avendano (Godinez) 12:07.12

100 HH: 1. Moriarty (Laguna Beach) 18.25, 2. Williams-Goldberg (Laguna Beach) 18.29, 3. Juarez (Godinez) 18.39

300 IH: 1. Berk (Laguna Beach) 50.41, 2. Vu (Costa Mesa) 51.52, 3. Correa (Godinez) 53.21

400 relay: 1. Laguna Beach 51.98, 2. Saddleback 52.35, 3. Godinez 52.57

1,600 relay: 1.Laguna Beach 4:20.04, 2. Godinez 4:23.16, 3. Saddleback 4:24.79

HJ: 1. Urushido (Laguna Beach) 4-8, 2. Napeir (Saddleback) 4-6, 3. Fuentes (Godinez) 4-2

LJ: 1. Struss (Laguna Beach) 16-8.25, 2. Cruz (Estrancia) 15-7.5, 3. Ocegueda (Saddleback) 15-6.5

TJ: 1. Bianchi (Laguna Beach) 31-4, 2. Hernandez (Saddleback) 30-7, 3. Trinh (Calvary Chapel) 29-11.5

SP: 1. F. Crenshaw (Costa Mesa) 38-3, 2. Frutos (Godinez) 29-2, 3. Gutierrez (Godinez) 28-9

DT: 1. F. Crenshaw (Costa Mesa) 145-8.5, 2. T. Crenshaw (Costa Mesa) 106-8.5, 3. Marintez (Costa Mesa) 92-5.5

High school students take to the airwaves to explain the Walk for Water event

Two Laguna Beach High students took to the airwaves last night to broadcast news on their upcoming Walk For Water event at Laguna Beach High. From 7-9 p.m. Charlotte Watkins and Ellie Glade discussed their work with non-profit Wisdom Spring and why it is so important to provide water access to those in need. They were joined by film director, Colter Johnson, of the upcoming documentary “20 Miles a Glass.”

The trio were guests on KX 93.5 FM’s Sunday evening show, “Inner Journey” with Greg Friedman. In addition to the discussing the walk the three also discussed their experiences with Wisdom Spring founder, Sobonfu Somé. 

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Submitted photo

Charlotte and Ellie’s message about the importance of clean water resonated

During the show, current Wisdom Spring president Susan Hough called in from Leesburg, VA where she had been wrapping up the recently concluded east coast Walk For Water event last weekend.

The team’s message definitely resonated with the community and became evident when halfway through the show, a caller came on the line and informed the group that she was a local listener and was so moved by the team’s message that she wished to donate $1,000 to Wisdom Spring. 

“That moment was perfect,” said Colter. “Inspiring positive action is why I got into film in the first place.” Charlotte agreed, “It’s so amazing when you can see great things happen as a direct result of your actions.” Ellie felt the same way, “It’s so incredible to be making a difference in the world.”

Wisdom Spring will be hosting a free Pre-Release Community Screening of the upcoming documentary “20 Miles A Glass” at the Neighborhood Congregational Church, May 21 from 5-7 p.m.

LBUSD will host Health & Community Resource Fair on May 20 from 9 a.m. to noon

Join LBUSD at the Laguna Beach High School North Gym on May 20 from 9 a.m. – 12 p.m. for the free Health & Community Resource Fair. 

Attendees for this free event will learn about the various health services and resources available in Orange County. 

“We are going to have a variety of different organizations - from mental health groups, to gyms, to local clinics,” said Marissa Hoffman, School Community Liaison. “The purpose of the fair is to give the community an opportunity to become aware and connect with these local organizations and visa versa. My hope that everyone who comes can learn something new about the excellent services and organizations available in our community.”

More than 15 local organizations will provide information regarding food/nutrition services, child/adult health screenings, healthcare coverage, mental health services, drug/alcohol education, shelter/housing support, special education services and more!

There will be fun-filled activities for kids, so feel free to bring the whole family. A light breakfast will be provided.

Questions? Contact Marissa Hoffman, School Community Liaison, at 949-416-6320 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Laguna Beach High School North Gym is located at 625 Park Avenue.

Former Angels player and LB resident Doug DeCinces convicted of insider trading faces a long prison term

Doug DeCinces, 66, was convicted Friday on 14 counts of insider trading that produced $1.3 million in stock gains for him from stock trades in 2009. Federal prosecutors alleged that DeCinces, a Laguna Beach resident, used tips from a neighbor, James V. Mazzo, 60. Mazzo was at the time the CEO of an Orange County eye care firm. 

The jury deliberated more than a week before convicting the former third baseman and American League all star of the California Angels from 1982-87. The same jury deadlocked on all counts against Mazzo.

14 friends and relatives of DeCinces also benefitted from his insider tips profiting by another $1.3 million. One man was also convicted Friday on three counts.

DeCinces faces up to 220 years in federal prison according to the US Attorney. No sentencing date has been set.

News sources reported that DeCinces’ attorney will most likely seek a new trial. 

The attorney, Kenneth Julian, said in a report by the OC Register that it was a “fantastic question” when asked how jurors could convict DeCinces of insider trading when the alleged source was not convicted.

“We have several grounds obviously” for a new trial motion, Julian told reporters. “We’re disappointed for everyone involved. We don’t believe this is the end.”

FOA gives generous grant to the Sawdust Art Enrichment Funda

The Sawdust Art Enrichment Fund is pleased to announce the receipt of a generous grant from the Festival of Art Foundation to assist in their philanthropic efforts.

 The monies will aid in funding three classes for spouses of active military personnel. Classes will include Jewelry Making with Jamie Bichler and Silk Scarf Painting with Michelle S. Burt. Students will learn both the skills to make the items and ways in which they may market them.

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Submitted photo

L-R: Michelle Burt, Sawdust artist and instructor; Jamie Bichler, Sawdust artist and instructor; Maggie Spencer, SAEF chairperson; Scott More, FOA Foundation chairperson; John Campbell; Cherril Doty, Sawdust artist and SAEF treasurer

The Sawdust Art Enrichment Fund is a philanthropic effort that supports education of the public about the arts while providing hands-on experience to underserved populations. In recent years, SAEF has partnered with organizations to fund classes for at-risk students, seniors, military spouses, and homeless populations in rehabilitation and recovery.

SAEF is part of the Sawdust Art Festival Organization. For more information about the Sawdust Art Enrichment Fund:


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